Cooking for Real

Move over Rachel Ray.

Finally, the Food Network has put someone on who is not as annoying as Ms. Ray, but who still embodies that friendly, accessible, (sista)girl next door feeling: Sunny Anderson (Not to be confused with NCCU alum and recording artist Sunshine Anderson of “Heard it all Before” fame).
Okay I admit, Sunny’s got that little giggle reminiscent of Ray, but unlike the Queen of Corny, Sunny’s giggle doesn’t appear at just the slightest provocation and it isn’t accompanied by annoying Rachel’isms like “EVOO” and “yummo.”

Sunny has two shows on the food network, Cooking for Real (Sun 10:30am) and How’d That Get On My Plate? (Mon 9:30pm). I don’t really watch the shows on the Food Network that feature one or two (shout out to the Neelys) cooks doing their thing. I pretty much watch the challenges and Iron Chef (comedy). I like Sunny’s style, though. She cooks in a really uncomplicated way and blends flavors from her experience living all over first as an Army Brat and as a member of the US Air Force, herself. She also cooks semi-homemade, which is taking things boxed/canned/bottled and using them in your recipes. This is imperative for those of us who like to cook, but live busy schedules. It’s okay to use a cornbread out of the box if cornbread isn’t the main dish you’re rolling with.

She so hood

She so hood

Oh, and the girl eats. She’s stuffing cornbread in her mouth and talking! She’s encouraging us to drink the leftover beer after we’re done using it for batter. She’s thick in the hips (shout out to Nigella Lawson) and rocks a honey blonde weave. Hayyyy Gurrrrl!

Not only is Sunny nice in the kitchen, she’s nice on the mic. No, she’s not a rapper, but she has done some voice-overs and had a career in broadcasting which kicked off in the Air Force, landing her at HOT 97 in NYC. Vibe Magazine rated her show as one of the top 9 to listen to nationwide and crowned her, “Ruler of the Airwaves.” Sunny’s hip hop cred extends further as she was the Food & Lifestyle editor at Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.

Check out some Sunny Anderson for yourself and set your TiVO/DVR.

Sunny’s Blog. Sunny’s Myspace.

Aside: Sunny kind of puts me in the mind of Tracie Spencer. Yay or Nay?


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12 responses to “Cooking for Real

  1. I love her show..but who in the world is styling her hair??? I love a weave as much as the next girl but that “particular” shade is SO not cute on her (the one in your first pic is waaay better).

  2. thank you for your kind words. i stalk my google alert trying to just say thanks to everyone that has found the show(s) and is enjoying it/them. and ahem, it’s a wig … not always the best looking, but lemme get my game up before i go all janet on y’all with the hair lol … hair loss due to stress ain’t no joke. sunny.

  3. I used to <3 Tracie Spencer, yo.

    And co-sign on the stress-induced hair loss @ Sunny. :(

  4. Polo Bear

    I beleive she was a radio personality in Philly for a hot minute. She sure is purrrrty!

    Speaking of food…I went to brunch today with my homegirl Jennie S. and her dude, it was fantabulous. I had Shrimp and Grits at Johnny Brendas…mmm…mmm good.

    Good food and good conversatin…what else can you ask for?

    Brunch blog coming shortly.

  5. ndenise

    Honestly, we need to get on that brunch blog. I hear they have a great brunch at Bump (notwithstanding my near altercation in there). I think it’d be a hilarious entry to post about having a yummy brunch at a gay bar.

    COME ON!

  6. Polo Bear


    any other options? i didn’t even know they served food, i have been there for networking functions.

    how does next weekend look?

  7. Bourdainiac

    I like her, but her recipes aren’t that memorable, and yes, the weave, she is unfortunate, no?

  8. Lady P

    I remember Sunny from the Hot 97 days. She always seemed extra cool. I’m glad she’s doing her thing with her TV show!

  9. missayana

    love the show. love the recipes. love the fact that after much harrassment (i was emailing for about a year), foodnetwork put people of color on their line up (thick ones too!!). ABSOLUTELY cannot stand the raggedy wig. you dont have to be rich or a star to get that hooked up. come on now. lets get it together. somebody make some calls to whoever is hooking naomi campbell up or something. that thing is out of control. there are entirely too many black stylists out here and entirley too many GOOD lace fronts. the wig distracts me. it looks like it just crawled up there and died and may keel over into the pot at any given moment. kinda like whatever is perched on donald trump’s head…..just bothersome. and wassup with cooking with a coat on? she got a rash or sum? now as for Mrs. Neely—she stays fly! maybe she can take sunny under her wing. just sayin’ tho

  10. missayana

    either or.

  11. divamare

    if you are distracted by the wig, it’s your fault. adjust your perspective and you will find yourself no longer distracted. try it. it’s easy.

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