Dumb Cop Tales – NY’s Finest

I swear, NYC must have a monopoly on stupid police officers.
Apparently, walking down a street with a long coat on can get you mistaken for a prostitute and arrested!

That’s basically what happened to Monica Gonzalez, a 40-year old grandmother. Gonzalez was arrested for prostitution after police spotted her walking in an area known for prostitution. That area, one block on Third Avenue, was also on the way from Gonzalez’ crib to a local hospital. She was on her way there because of complications with her asthma medicine. Officer Sean Spencer thought otherwise.

Gonzalez, wearing a long winter coat, was suddenly confronted by Spencer and another cop who jumped out of a marked SUV.

“He [Spencer] said, ‘I saw you going up to the car,'” Gonzalez recalled. “His partner said, ‘Let her go, I’ve never seen her here before,’ but he [Spencer] wouldn’t listen,” she said.

“I told him, ‘I’m somebody’s mother. I’m somebody’s daughter.’ I was hysterical crying.”

Spencer also busted a second woman on Third Ave. for prostitution and drove both suspects to the 72nd Precinct station house, where another cop called an ambulance for the asthmatic Gonzalez.

Spencer – who claimed Gonzalez was carrying a condom and had been arrested before as a hooker – swore out a complaint charging her with loitering for prostitution, according to court papers.

The officer claims the two women were approaching vehicles together, according to a police source.

“I have never, ever been arrested in my life,” Gonzalez told The News. “I did not have a condom.”

She hired a criminal defense attorney, Leon Schrager, and the Brooklyn district attorney’s office dismissed the case on May 29.

I’m glad the case got kicked because the whole arrest was ridiculous. What probable cause did that officer have to approach Gonzalez in the first place? None. Simply walking in a bad neighborhood does not make you a criminal. What about that woman screamed prostitute to the cop besides the fact that she was on that block and she is Latina?

What stood out to me, though, was this whole business about the condom: whether she had one or not. Like, is that the determining characteristic of a hooker now?

FYI people, even IF Gonzalez had been previously arrested for prostitution AND was carrying a condom, there is still no legal arrest. That’d be like arresting a man who was once arrested for assault because he made a fist one day.

I guess that was just one dumb cop who has yet to learn his lesson. “Spencer has been sued before in Brooklyn Federal Court. The 30-year-old cop was accused in 2004 by Blanca Rodriguez of falsely arresting her for kicking a car during a dispute over a parking space. The charge against Rodriguez was dropped, and the city settled the suit for $10,000.”

Source: The Daily News


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2 responses to “Dumb Cop Tales – NY’s Finest

  1. Dee

    With the two incidents that involved Spencer it seems as if he has something against Latinas.

  2. Mr B

    Wow! Im glad the case was dropped. This stupied nazi cop crap has to be put to a end. I hope she sues the crap out of them too.

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