Something In My Heart

I love this song. Came on the shuffle this morning and it was all I could do to keep from bursting out in song on the Broad Street Line.
Little voice, big singer Michel’le was so cute back in the day. Wonder what she’s doing now?


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2 responses to “Something In My Heart

  1. a classic.

    this song is #2 on my list of “best songs to fall asleep on the AM school bus to” behind faith evans’s “soon as i get home”.

    oh, and michel’le is currently a general manager at a crafts store in cedar rapids, ia.

  2. ndenise

    @ m.g. – Man, if I ever walk into a Jo-Ann Fabrics and see Michel’le showing people how to knit “nicety” tea cozies, I’m going to fall out right then and there.
    Oh, and “Soon as I Get Home” is a great song to sing while cleaning the crib too.

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