“Your stretch marks are roadmaps to your best parts”*

Oh word?

Peep Deelishis. (I’m a grown ass woman, dawg. Why I gotta call some other woman DEELISHIS?) Better yet, peep her midsection. Okay. Got it? Let’s move on.

I checked my boy D’s blog and he had this pic of Deelishis up and the subsequent clip from Katt Williams.

Alright… I hear what Katt is saying and I can appreciate it at some level. However, I don’t think that’s the message that men are ACTUALLY sending out. I always hear guy friends talk about liking women with a little “feminine fat”. For example: a soft arm, a little pudge around the waist, big thighs. A lot of guys I know talk about liking natural hair, I’m talking Cree Summer ringlets to Kim Fields locs. Then, you’ve got men like Katt talking about stretch marks.

They say all of these things and then GLORIFY the women who look nearly impossible: big (and perky) boobs, a waist that can rock an anklet as a belly chain, hips like a thoroughbred and a Saartjie Baartman ass. Oh and don’t forget long, flowing hair.

Image after image of women fitting the above specifications are paraded in Black men’s magazines, videos, internet avatars, and desktop backgrounds.

So, can you see how a woman could get confused? If Deelishis wasn’t dragging a wagon behind her, would yall be so accepting of the streaks on her belly?

Just to be sure, go head girl to Deelishis for saying “fuck it” and wearing what she wants to wear. I’m sure she’s happy and comfy, so good for her. I’m just sayin… she had to know we were gonna talk.

Spec Boogie, “Something to Hold On”


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10 responses to ““Your stretch marks are roadmaps to your best parts”*

  1. aych why aych

    in this instance i think im straying from the “eetha way” rule

  2. LOL @ the “Possibly related posts” section.

    I don’t know much about “Deelishis” aside from her being on the Flavor Flav jawn and having a plump toches. (Shalom)

    But stretchmarks or not, she looks like the type of jawn a dude would have a fun night on the town with.
    Drunk and mischievous.

  3. Polo Bear

    I am a sucker for a lady with dimples and she has some nice ones.

  4. Good grief I’m glad I found your page. I was actually google’ing “back dimples”, or as wikipedia calls “dimples of venus”, and for some reason your blog pulled up.

    My though- If my gut looked anything like Dee’s, I’d flash it too. Stretch marks and all.



  6. Ken Drizzle

    Gotta veto that.

    She has plenty of nice attributes – like polobear said, she got a real cute face.

    But – them stretch marks are teh fail.

    I’ll also go ahead and say that there are good stretch marks and bad stretch marks, and that those are of the latter variety.

  7. What’s with the flavor of love girls wearing fake afro wigs? First New York with her twins all exposed…looking like she got a mouth full of …Now Deelishus with her eighties era Donna Summers afro….what gives?

  8. She is beautiful. Katt is right, if I’m lookin at those marks, either we have been intimate or probably about to be.

    Either way, women shouldn’t be so hard on themselves. Them mags are fake as heck. I know as a photographer. I do plenty retouching on women and men. It is what it is.

    If women are more accepting of themselves the men will follow suit.

  9. I agree with Ken Drizzle on the good v. bad stretch marks argument. And there is nothing wrong with having them (I’ve got plenty), but we all don’t have to see them.

    I have to say though, that it is reassuring and a bit empowering to know that people (read: men) place stretch marks low on the list of interesting places on a woman’s body.

  10. Depends on what type of magazine/media you are looking at.

    The lower quality and even more graphic type of media, low-level/up start men’s magazines, low-level porn vs. erotica, your low rent, late night rap video vs. MTV noon day rap fare, etc. These are the type of media outlets that will hail a woman like all natural deelishish.

    In essence those places with money vs. those that don’t have money…dictates what type of taste the man will have.
    I don’t think it’s about what the woman accepts and finds beautiful about herself. It’s more about what the men in her circle tell her what’s beautiful. In D’s circle, she was told that she was the bomb. Now that she is trying to go mainstream…yeah, she’s going to need to ‘upgrade’ herself to gain mass ‘middle class’ appeal
    Take that how you want to.

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