When you’ve got blogger’s block, you resort to old memes

Yup, it’s that time again (because I can’t think of any genius blog topic or random BS to write about) … Soundtrack to my life, meme style.

So, if you don’t know by now, here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend your cool. If you have Ricky Martin on your iTunes, just embrace that shit and shake your bon bon, dunny!

Opening Credits:
Erykah Badu, “Back in the Day”

Waking Up:
Little Brother feat. Jozeemo, “That Ain’t Love”
“If this is real I don’t wanna see fake…”

First Day At School:
Common, “The Food”
Hmm, how does that fit?

Falling In Love:
Anthony Hamilton, “The Truth”
Ahh. I ♥ A. Hamilton. His voice always takes me to a place of love and reminiscing.

Fight Song:
Deborah Cox feat. R.L., “We Can’t Be Friends”
I wish this would have come up for Breaking Up.

Breaking Up:
Boyz II Men, “Uhh Ahh Uhh”
*shrug* I don’t know.

DMX, “Ruff Riders Anthem”
Haha. If you were at my Junior Prom, you’d know this fit just right. There was almost a rumble PLUS chicks were dropping it in their dresses!

Immature, “Feel the Funk”
Clown if you want, but this was/is the jam. Feel the funk.

Mental Breakdown:
LL Cool J, “Hey Lover”
Let me tell you, I used to love this song. And really, can’t a crush (or more than a crush) make you crazy?

Brandy, “Angel in Disguise”
I didn’t even like this song until long after Brandy quit making records (or at least stopped being relevant). I do like to sing it while driving, though.

Ahmad, “Back in the Day”
No lie. This is what came up right after Brandy. Honestly!

Getting Back Together:
LL Cool J, “Going Back to Cali”
FYI, I don’t have the entire LL collection. But yeah, this would work if my boo was out West… or if his name was Cali.

Erykah Badu, “Next Lifetime”
Damn, not really what you want to say to your man at the altar.

Birth of Child:
Jagged Edge, “Let’s Get Married”
OMG. Late?

Final Battle:
Tanya Morgan, “Stay Tuned”
“Right hand in a fist and throw it up…”

Death Scene:
Kelis, “Flashback”
well they do say your life flashes before your eyes

Funeral Song:
Wale, “Ice Cream Girl”
I always say I want my funeral to be jumping, party styles. Go-Go rocks the party.

End Credits:
Aaliyah, “I Care 4 U”
Awwww. I’ll take that.


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3 responses to “When you’ve got blogger’s block, you resort to old memes

  1. Sounds like fun, so here you go:

    Opening Credits:
    Divas Need Love Too – Klymaxx
    So true…

    Waking Up:
    Slow Jam – Midnight Starr

    First Day At School:
    In My House – Mary Jane Girls

    Falling In Love:
    Men All Pause – Klymaxx
    At least there are choices :)

    Fight Song:
    Tonight I Give In – Angela Bofill

    Breaking Up:
    Glamorous Life – Shelia E
    The price of fame

    Silly – Deniece Williams

    Got To Be Real – Cherly Lynn
    Perfect Song

    Mental Breakdown:
    I Like It – Debarge

    Girl – The Time
    Morris Day had it going on…still has it going on if you check him out on the Michael Baisden show

    Oh Shelia – Ready for the World
    My Theme Song

    Getting Back Together:
    Southern Girl – Frankie Beverly & Maze
    This is my other theme song.

    At Last – Etta James

    Birth of Child:
    Golden – Jill Scott

    Final Battle:
    Hear and Now – Luther Vandross

    Death Scene:
    I’ve Got Love on my Mind – Natalie Cole

    Funeral Song:
    I Need You – Artist Unknown

    End Credits:
    Drop It – Young Gees

  2. ndenise

    Sheila! I love your taste!

  3. Rachel

    Alright, I’m bored at work anyway:

    Opening Credits:
    This is for the Lover in you – LL Cool J & Babyface
    It’s got a nice little beat to it…Plus I like imagining being w/ in the shower w/ LL all the time.

    Waking Up:
    Homie Lover Friend – RKelly
    I always skip over this song when it comes up…guess it would wake me up cuz I don’t like it

    First Day At School:
    Make it Rain – Fat Joe
    If it rained on the first day I would be PISSED! New clothes all wet is incredibly lame!

    Falling In Love:
    Newness – Musiq
    Hmm, this song reminds me of the one whom we do not speak of…dammit

    Fight Song:
    Threat – Jay-Z
    Completely appropriate – “nicca I’ll kill you and put you in the mattress like drug money!” hilarious

    Breaking Up:
    You Send Me – Aretha Franklin
    This should have come earlier

    Truth Is – Fantasis Barrino
    So I went to the prom w/ my then boyfriend but all during high school I had a thing for this guy, Tim. I wish I went with him

    Why do good girls like bad guys? – DMX
    Why is this on my iPod?!?!

    Mental Breakdown:
    Georgia on my mind – Ray Charles
    Yeah, I don’t know. I was just talkin about a client from the Republic of Georgia…weird

    Everlasting – Remy Shand
    I like him a lot and I totally jam to his music in the car.

    Adore – Prince
    Oh baby oh baby. This is my fave!!! Prince is timeless!

    Getting Back Together:
    Let’s Stay Together – Al Green
    No way! This really came up. My friend and I choreographed a dance to this…I’m sending it to So You Think You Can Dance judges

    King Back – T.I.
    Yeah should had Al Green here…I’ve never even listened to this song

    Birth of Child:
    Keep Your Head to the Sky – Earth Wind and Fire
    For real…I would need someone to keep my spirits up if I had to give birth to one of those things! Yuck!

    Final Battle:
    Dirrty – Christina Aguilera
    I guess so…”Ring the alarm and I’m throwing elbows” – This song sucks! haha

    Death Scene:
    You Remind Me of Something – R Kelly
    I’m all about R Kelly circa 93-95 apparently

    Funeral Song:
    Been Around the World – Lisa Stanfield
    I Love this song. Hopefully I don’t have to go chasing some man around the world right before I die…I would look all tired and worn out in the casket! :-)

    End Credits:
    Missin’ You – Dave Hollister
    PERFECT! I heart this song in every way and I am glad it came at the end of this game.

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