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Let me tell you a story about my grandmother’s death, at least part of the story. This is kind of random and was inspired by my blog trolling – someone had written about the anniversary of a family member’s passing.

I can’t recall the exact date my grandmother died. I know it was around late August because it was “back to school” time in all of the stores. I was just about to start the eighth grade. My grandmother’s passing is pretty significant because she’s the one who primarily raised me. My mother was around occasionally. To be fair, I saw her rather often, but she did not live with me and was not my primary caretaker. That’s another story, however. People would say my grandmother spoiled me and I do not doubt that, although I never considered myself a spoiled child in the way that phrase is normally used. She just really loved me and showed it.

Sometimes I would whine and wish she was like a “regular grandmother”, the ones I’d read about in books and saw on television. Ones who baked cookies and had gray hair in a bun. Grandmother’s who knitted quilts and sat in rocking chairs. Instead, my grandma, whose name was Betty by the way, liked to go out. Her favorite thing to do was play Bingo. I mean, this woman must have gone to Bingo 3 times a week at least. She had a group of friends and they came together as “The Friendship Club,” which was often a misnomer. Those women would fight so much, but it was clear that they loved each other dearly. They’d go partying together and cook chicken dinners to sell. There was Ms. Dot-Lee who was kind of scary to me because she wore a big wig and there was Bay-Bee. You gotta say it like two words. Bay. Bee. She had a blonde-ish short cut and was crazy, yo. My grandmother’s best friend out of the bunch was Ms. Mitchell. I think I only recently found out she had a first name. My grandma only called her Mitchell. She had a jheri curl and was so smart-mouthed. Continue reading

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Crazy, Deranged

Take 9 minutes out of your day for some classic You So Crazy. I stay dying at 5:50.

*Pours some likka out for the old Martin*


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Trash TV – YES!

I was in trash TV heaven last night. Thank you VH1 and your “celebreality” nonsense. Thank you very much.

9pm: I Want to Work for Diddy – I was anticipating this tomfoolery

for weeks because it’s mainly Diddy’s antics in front of the camera that brings me back to shows like Making the Band. Make no mistake Danity Kane, Da Band and Day 26, the show is about Sean Combs. ALL about Sean Combs. (Aside: hmm, I just noticed they all start with “D”. Hey DIDDY, is this some weird subliminal way to keep your name in our heads?).

Anyway, the premise of the show is that 13 hopefuls will compete for a coveted position as Diddy’s personal assistant. They’ll endure crazy challenges to see if they can meet the demanding mogul’s expectations. The show did not disappoint. Not much Diddy, but enough crazy “characters” to tide me over until he starts making more frequent appearances. As Diddy’s former manager Phil Robinson said, the hopefuls have a long way to go before meeting Diddy, let alone working for him. Continue reading


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