Trash TV – YES!

I was in trash TV heaven last night. Thank you VH1 and your “celebreality” nonsense. Thank you very much.

9pm: I Want to Work for Diddy – I was anticipating this tomfoolery

for weeks because it’s mainly Diddy’s antics in front of the camera that brings me back to shows like Making the Band. Make no mistake Danity Kane, Da Band and Day 26, the show is about Sean Combs. ALL about Sean Combs. (Aside: hmm, I just noticed they all start with “D”. Hey DIDDY, is this some weird subliminal way to keep your name in our heads?).

Anyway, the premise of the show is that 13 hopefuls will compete for a coveted position as Diddy’s personal assistant. They’ll endure crazy challenges to see if they can meet the demanding mogul’s expectations. The show did not disappoint. Not much Diddy, but enough crazy “characters” to tide me over until he starts making more frequent appearances. As Diddy’s former manager Phil Robinson said, the hopefuls have a long way to go before meeting Diddy, let alone working for him.

I will be keeping up with the show, and hopefully blogging about it more. Check out VH1’s site for a rundown of the cast, I’m too lazy to reproduce it here. I’m checking for the transgendered LaVerne (*snaps*), Bronx boy Mike and of course, the villain, Ms. Kim aka Poprah (*blank stare*). Before going to bed last night, I really tried to figure out how she got Poprah? Personal Assistant + Oprah? Why?

10pm: New York Goes to Hollywood Tiffany Pollard, bka New York has ANOTHER show. Flavor Flav dissed her…twice. Then she got with Tailor Made, one of television’s most bitchassed (thanks Diddy) white boys ever and no one cared. Still managing to ride out her 15 minutes longer than Stretch Armstrong, Tiffany has a show all about her quest to become a legitimate actress, even though she admits she cannot act. Oh boy.

This is a show I think I’ll pass on for the most part. She’s uber annoying and just watching her try to “work out” was enough to turn me off. I think this woman is a joke and it’s not even that funny. I guess it was a good way to pass the time until Uncle Luke came on.

10:30pm: Luke’s Parental Advisory – WOW. I understood the Run’s House concept. Even Hogan Knows Best. Ok, I’ll stretch for Deion Sanders. But honestly, has VH1 gone too far in giving a “father knows best” type of show to Luther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke, the reason parental advisory stickers were invented? Mr. 2 Live Crew!

I’m going to say no, they have not. Look, I love a good Luke jam when it’s time to put on the “hydrolics” and drop it. But I couldn’t imagine that the man is like that 24/7. He has a family and no matter what a person does for a living, they usually have the same general outlook in regards to family. They want their kids to be well-adjusted, better off than they were, happy and healthy. Luke is no different. Sure, he’s still the booty shaking magnate he’s always been, with a career focused on adult entertainment. On the first episode, we meet his children and see him cautioning his daughter against dating too many guys (although on the flipside, he encourages his son to be a player). Later on he warns Luther Jr. about dating a 15 yo girl who already has kids and tells him not to have sex after finding a porno under his bed. It must be difficult to parent with a blatant “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy, especially when what you DO has been the subject of nationwide debate and made it to the Supreme Court!

I don’t know. Hugh Hefner’s daughter is totally fine. I don’t see why Luke couldn’t be a good dad. Different strokes, right. I will be watching.


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9 responses to “Trash TV – YES!

  1. i could not watch “i want to work for diddy” or whatever the hell it is. after seeing one season of “making the band” i promised myself to never watch another diddy creation.

    “New York Goes to Hollywood”, she is only funny because she talks to people like they are under her! i was not going to watch the show but it was either that or paranormal state. i think i’ll watch it just to see her make an ass of herself.

  2. Rachel

    Yo New York gained like 15 lbs or something…Plus her enhanced breasts make her look even bigger. Come on now, New York, you gonna compete in Hollywood at least call Vicky Becks for some diet tips.

    Also, Poprah is the worst and I won’t be watching that show ever again. I don’t understand why they have to perform so many menial and unnecessary tasks. Do you really need 30 pairs of socks right now, Diddy?!!? Come on!

  3. I just happened to catch all three last night as well.

    Working for Diddy – Diddy’s show’s are one of my guilty vices….I know there gonna be some drama so I tune in and he didn’t disappoint. I thought that first challenge was great and is definitley something everyone should be capable of: multi tasking. Although in my opinion they should have kicked “POPRAH” off……but I guess she’ll get them some ratings.

    New York – Why the hell they keep giving her shows……I can’t imagine her taking on a serious role in any movie, so to give her a show dedicated to her attempt at making in Hollywood, is a waste.

    Luke – not sure about this one…..but I guess it’ll get some ratings.

    Having said all of that, I’ll more than likely tune in every week to watch every one of these shows……..

  4. trinib

    Reality Tv is like watching a trainwreck just can’t look away….. but why give P Diddy another one…is he hard up for cash or something. I can understand New York trying to stretch out her 15 minutes….but if you’re such a ‘great mogul’ what’s with the reality tv thing…the constant need to be seen and heard. Why not gives us a show on Diddy at his shrink trying to work through that issue.
    parental advise from Luke….hhhmmm

  5. Just for all these people who keep guessing.

    I started calling myself over 5 years ago, because I aspired to be a cross between my mentors.

    Puffy and Oprah which equals Poprah.

    Other than that, keep hating I love it!

    I just kept it real, and real people get it and haters hate.

    Still love you all, everybody’s gotta play their position in the world. I lot of people believe in me, sorry you don’t.



  7. whitraye

    LMAO @ “poprah” commenting. i was thinking that the poprah name was more of a combination of poor and oprah. you know, like the po’ version of oprah or poor mans oprah…but i whats the deal with lukes fiance?!? my roommate and i were puzzled as hell. attractive, smart, atriculate woman chose uncle luke to be her lifetime partner. i dont get it!

  8. rubbishtelly

    I laughed my ass off at this utterly stupid, no-brainer of a show. I don’t know much about Diddy, but now I know the man is a total dork, overrated, and a joke: a desperado of a black man, who has too high ideas about himself. I mean, he’s looking for the “best” workers that are out there – to do what? Run and buy his son a surfboard, and make him a fruit salad… LOL! Yelling and screaming at everyone is not my idea of the behavior and intelligence of someone who is intelligent and successful. Its common ghetto-trash behavior. Have some monies and hire people to do all work for you, is also a common formula for success.

    Sorry, not impressed at all.

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