It’s time for the Black Weblog Awards! It’s like, all the fun of your regular Black awards shows without the shitty audio and east coast v. west coast or everybody v. the south beef.

Now, since I’m pretty new and I don’t blog about anything groundbreaking, this is not a personal plea for votes. HOWEVER, if you are so inclined, you might want to toss my name out there for the “Best Personal Blog” category just to show that you like me.

My real motivation for posting this is so that you can big up all of the other blogs you visit. If you’re like me, blogs help you pass the boring work/school day and keep you updated on the latest politics, news, fashion, gossip, humor, etc. Furthermore, Black blogs are becoming the BETTER way to get information in an age of infotainment news shows more interested in spin and ratings than presenting the real.

Have I fired you up yet? How about VOTE OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!
Have I scared you into it yet? Good.

Nominations are open at

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