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AYDMF: Man impaled on fence

Swiped from Philly.com

A 19-year-old man was impaled on a fence last night in South Philadelphia after he crashed an all-terrain vehicle into a police car and then tried to run away, police said.The ATV collided with the 17th Police District cruiser at 7:43 p.m. in 2200 block of Reed Street, police said. The man then ran a short distance with officers in pursuit.

As he tried to hop over an iron fence, the man was impaled. The Fire Department had to saw off part of the fence and leave the metal in the man’s body so he could be safely transported.

He was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where the fence was removed. He was reported in stable condition.

Police Internal Affairs is investigating whether an officer may have pulled on the man as he tried to climb over the fence, causing the impalement.

I saw this on the news this morning. Apparently, dude had like 22 warrants on him or something and tried to run from the police after crashing HIS ATV into THEIR car! This lil Nas ran, and tried to hop this iron fence. Not a chain link fence, but an iron jawn like this except higher.

Oh, and did I mention homeboy was um, portly?

To top the Nas-ery off, his family is screaming on the news that it’s the police’s fault. They say as he tried to hop the fence, police pulled his leg, causing him to come down upon the iron fence. Now, not that I think the police are above this kind of thing. They very well might have, on purpose or accidentally. But I’m more inclined to believe that this dude was running because he had mad warrants, knew he did something stupid and couldn’t get his tubby self up over that damned fence.



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