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Be My Guest: Go In Radio

Be My Guest is where I’ll invite friends to guest blog over here at Bourgie Adventures, simultaneously adding a different voice to my place while introducing my readers to their place.

The inaugural BMG post comes from Young H over at Go In Radio. Young H is the shit. Listen to his show.

Voting Along Political Party Lines with Music? Senseless.

In case you’ve been dwelling in a cave for the past year, we live in the age of perhaps our nation’s most important Presidential race. Whether a Black man or just another Republican, our next chief will be faced with the daunting feat of creating some semblance of a happy ending to the eight year tale known as George W. Bush and His Epic Failures. But seeing as how my fields of expertise (namely love and Hip-Hop music) are hardly rooted in politics, I shall hereby attempt to draw a slight parallel between the processes of selecting one’s best candidate at the polls and the music we choose to ingest. Continue reading


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