SMH :/ LOL :)

Can we talk about your old AIM names? No matter what you choose as your instant messenger moniker (on AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Meebo, whatever), unless it’s your gubment name, it will be obsolete and ridiculously embarrassing after about, oh, 6 months to a year. Think about it. What names have you used to identify yourself in the webosphere? I’ll share some of my tragic creations:

  • Smoove88 (my very first when all I used was AOL… DIAL UP!)
  • TrulyCaramel (came up with this freshman year in college. My girls and I took the names off of our bottles of foundation. The name of my shade was True Caramel)
  • Soulsistaa641 (I was toying with the idea of jumping of the Boho cliff. 641 was my dorm number that year)
  • FlygirlOnTheWall (don’t ask, I thought it was clever)

… and some others that are still active and I use interchangeably.

So horrible.


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9 responses to “SMH :/ LOL :)

  1. LOL

    I’ve only had 5 names since 1999.

    * ts3mm360
    * truth0ne
    * truth0ne SGC
    * JusticeSabre
    * IhsanAmin

    Nothing particularly odd…

  2. my first AIM screen name was “AmAsIWas”, which was taken from a saul williams poem. that’s back when i was on some boho supreme shit. when i was in undergrad., i somehow left it loaded in one of the computers. i came back a few months later and found out people had been chatting w/ it.

    so to those who knew me from that old screen name, most of that stuff probably wasn’t true.

    one of my other AIM screen names was “princecalcium”. i don’t know what that meant.

  3. I almost spilled my caramel macchiato on my laptop upon reading “princecalcium”!!

  4. djtriptych

    omg – so glad you didn’t swallow the boho pill.
    I mean I love my granola gals and all.
    My heart already skipped a beat when you was talking about dreads.
    Not MY bourgie boo!

  5. Oh, so I can be curly, but can be locked up? Damn, you using the oppressor’s tactics against your own people!



  7. Bevlo

    LOL, bevlo yeah i still have this one from like 97′

  8. ‘KentuckianKween’ is the title of a poem that i wrote when i thought i was gonna be a poet forever.

    now i hate poetry & still havent registered a new AIM. i have 0 excuse. i hate that fking poem.

  9. Oh Brokey,
    Please do share that poem with the world!

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