Living alone – an observation

I’m sitting at home in my apartment alone. I live here in this 2 bdrm by myself. I just made a bowl of cereal in my underwear. Matter of fact, I spend most of my time at home in my underwear. I come home, toss off the clothes and usually chill in my undies and a tank or tshirt (TMI?). I read in my underwear. Wash dishes. Cook. Clean. Lounge. It’s great.

It just hit me. My lease is up soon and I just started looking around for a roommate to move in with. I guess it’ll be easier to just move out of here and go somewhere where I can save money and have a more flexible lease (I might be studying in Japan for the spring).

But ahhhhhhhh! Is this going to be the end to wandering around in a mostly undressed state? Should I invest in a robe? This sucks. This is exactly why I haven’t had a roommate in years.

I truly value eating Fruity Pebbles in my undies. Oh, and dancing around my apartment singing out loud. Gosh, I’m going to miss that.

by the way, while looking for pictures of fruity pebbles I came upon this gem of culinary goodness. The fruity pebbles pancake!


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4 responses to “Living alone – an observation

  1. Bevlo

    AHH the sacrifice! Hopefully you’ll have different schedules leaving you a little time to lounge around in your draws :(

  2. LOL @ the pancakes.
    I thought you had made them in your solitude.

  3. man lemme tell you. im always naked. like, always. in my skivviest of skivvies, at least. my neice came to stay with me for 11 days, and it was TORTUROUS. not having her there, of course, cause she’s fantastic company, but having to stay decent??!

    u know that commercial where people who stopped smoking forgot how to do normal everyday things? that’s how i feel being totally clothed at 6 pm in the evening. its unnatural and the reason why i refuse to have a roommate that i will not feel comfortable with in the nude.

  4. ummmmmm @ fruity pebbles pancake

    yeah, I cherished my alone time as well.

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