Hard out here for a chimp*

Here’s some Friday LOLz for that ass.

I don’t even know what to say to lead in to this so I’ll just be plain:
A chimp is getting head from a toad.
mouth fucking a toad.

using a toad as a masturbation device. AHHHHH! I don’t know!

I wish I could embed it here but you’ll have to do your own mousework and click HERE to view.

For the record, I can totally see why that child is crying. Those Europeans are so open-minded though, to let their kid witness such a spectacle! Heathens.

*credit goes to IkeMoses for such an apropos sentiment.


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2 responses to “Hard out here for a chimp*

  1. “Chimp verkracht kikker”

    I wonder if “verkracht” means what I think it means.

  2. Rena


    If I was that child I would be crying to

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