I’ve always been a Monopoly fan

but I dunno if I’m on it like this:

On second thought, I could be persuaded to rock the first and last jawns with the right outfit. I would prefer the low-cut style, though. Price runs $75 to $80 and is avail late August and November.

Whatdya think?

Courtesy of Nitrolicious. Check ’em out for more pics.


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4 responses to “I’ve always been a Monopoly fan

  1. they are decent…..I’d probably wear any of them is they were giving to me for free……otherwise, I doubt I’d pay 75-80 for them.

  2. Dont not pass go…

    do not collect $200 (for the purchase of these ugly sh*tz.)

  3. I’m sure Lil’ Mama wants to buy property on every pair.

  4. triptych

    Last pair is fire. I’d cop (for you)

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