spotted on the subway

Posting this from my phone because I didn’t want to forget about it. Well, I DO want to forget about it because I’m disgusted, but not before I share with you all.
On the subway today (southbound broad street line), I’m minding my business. Car is packed so I’m pretty much lucky to have a seat, or so I thought, until I noticed the guy directly perpendicular to me.
First, he stood up and took off his shirt. Then, he adjusted his belt. Put his shirt back on. Sat down. Cleared his throat LOUDLY several times. Takes a plastic bag out of thin air and opens the carton of ice cream inside. Bedins spooning MASSIVE quantities of vanilla bean into his mouth. Big ass scoops. Stops midway and reaches into his back pocket for a comb. Combs his hair, in my direction, for at least 20 strokes. Puts comb away and resumes ice cream eating. Finished ice cream and reaches back into magic plastic bag for what first appeared to be a snack pack of Cheeze-Its, but wasn’t. He pulled out rolling papers. Now, I’ve seen a negro straight up gut a blunt and roll a fat ass L on the train before. I was hoping this grown ass man (looked about 43-48) wasn’t about to do the same. Well he didn’t, he proceeded to roll his own tobacco cigarette.
Damn! Is there anything people won’t do on the sub while sandwiched between other people who would like a pleasant and uneventful ride?
I had to hold my breath mad times. I don’t know about you, but I cease all breathing when someone who has the potential for stankass is near. This dude removed his shirt! He combed nis nasty hair! Ew.
Lord, save me from public transpo!!!

Happy Saturday!!


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3 responses to “spotted on the subway

  1. You can see all types of things on public transit. We all should carry a purse size version of lysol in our purses for moments like you described.

  2. SBW: If it wouldn’t result in a guaranteed murder (this is Philly, ya know), I’d spray down a LOT of folks. Lysol, Clorox wipes, Deodorant spray, Febreeze, all that.

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