Back to School

I don’t really have much to say today. I’m back in classes for the first day of my last year of law school. I’m still exhausted from my weekend and I’ll be in class until 9pm. Great. I’m waiting for my Alternative Dispute Resolution class to start @ 4pm, the room is sweltering, I’m having a bad hair day and the reading was that boring introductory “what is conflict?” bullshit.

Here’s a pick me up. Always gets a rise out of me. Might be what you need as your Monday is winding down, as well.
David, help me sang it, saaaaang it!

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One response to “Back to School


    That nigga can sing a little bit, and he ain’t a bad looking fellow.
    I’m sure he “did his numbers” off that little bit o’ fame, plus this song is seared into the minds of millions (whether we like it or not.)


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