I Want to Work for Diddy – Mission 4

Briefly, last night’s episode was about Diddy.com. The Diddster wanted the potential assistants to make viral videos for the site. Apparently, Diddy’s been making viral vids for a minute and they’re all the rage – an assertion that was strange to me because I’ve never seen, nor heard, of any of them… and I’m ALWAYS online.

Anyway, once they got started you know Poprah had some expertise to contribute. Let her tell it, she’s a expert in everything. She says she has video production experience but pushes Brianna into the leadership/producer position. I don’t know why Brianna couldn’t see it, but she was clearly being set up for the okey doke. Poprah’s smart because she’s going to make her teammates eliminate themselves one by one. Her Uptown team comes up with the idea of “What would you do for Diddy?” and sets about filming average folks doing dumbass shit (writing “no bitchassness” on their heads, eating a frozen fishstick, etc).

Meanwhile, Downtown Team starts out trying to exploit Laverne’s sexual orientation for laughs. Way to move the movement. She was acting all peeved about it (to which she’s entitled), but decides to take one for the team if it means winning. Laverne’s no fool, let’s face it – Trannies are funny. Still, the calls from her team to “Tranny it up!” and “Go Tranny on ’em!” were a bit much. *Dials GLAAD* Finally, Downtown settles on an idea mocking Diddy’s love for organic Mott’s Applesauce by using Boris as the “Applesauce Bandit.” Boris (the originator of that idea) was on board at first, but then he started to feel like he would be degrading himself. Why? Because he’s fat. Now I find it odd that he’d be all for exploiting Laverne, but feels some kind of way about wearing a tight outfit. DUDE… we know you’re fat in your everyday clothes! There’s no difference if you put on a costume!

Of course Poprah got involved in drama, this time with Red. I admit, he’s super annoying and whiny. MAN UP! I’m pretty sure he won’t make it to the end of the show.
Both teams screwed up when it came to the red phones. If you don’t watch, the red phones are important phone calls with directives from Diddy, himself. It’s imperative to answer that call/text and drop what you’re doing to complete the task. Downtown forgot the red phone and had to split the team up to go back for it. Uptown missed a text which resulted in them wasting time.

In the end, Downtown won with their Applesauce Bandit video. Visitors to Diddy.com were allowed to vote on their fave video and Downtown took it 56% to 44%. I thought their video was best as well.

I WAS going to say that the elimination on this show was mad predictable. Every week I can tell who is going home. Last night, however, I was wrong. It was Red and Brianna on the carpet and Red got another chance. Honestly, I know that was a purely entertainment-based decision. Red is drama, especially so long as Poprah’s there, but he will be a shitty teammate and personal assistant.


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2 responses to “I Want to Work for Diddy – Mission 4

  1. They sent Brianna home?????
    I missed the last 10 minutes. I can’t believe Kim “Poprah” is still there and for them to send Brianna home over Red is sure fire way to ensure drama continues.

  2. mzsuzuki

    They will never get rid of Kim or Laverne to the end! Without them the show becomes people going through the interview process….

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