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AYDMF: Bad days happen

I was pissed as hell yesterday. I don’t know what happened, but my brain took a vacation. Maybe it was shocked into submission after being tossed back into academia on Monday. I dunno. The entire week has been a bust thus far, but let me just run down Tuesday for you:

After I got dressed (lately I cannot find anything to wear. I spend a considerable amount of time staring at my clothes, trying on this and that, tossing stuff on my bed and still being unsatisfied), I gathered my things and started to leave. I was headed for the bus stop. I went down the stairs, out the door, locked it, and stopped – oh, I forgot a jacket. See, it’s freezing in my classrooms (all except one, which is sweltering) and I needed to carry a sweater or something. I opened the door, back up the stairs, opened the other door and grabbed a hoodie. Then, I realized that I needed a bigger bag to carry it in. See, I usually carry a bag that houses my laptop, a book, my planner, and other normal purse stuff. This day, however, I had 3 extra books to carry for keeping in my locker. I had put them in a tote bag. Adding the hoodie meant I needed a larger tote. I got one and went through the same routine down the stairs and out of the door.

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