real quick: Palin

Briefly: I really hope that America is not fooled by this Palin for VP mess. I REALLY hope that those sensitive to feminist issues and women’s concerns are not fooled by this. I REALLY REALLY hope that those who were supporters of Hillary Clinton are not fooled by this.

Sarah Palin may be a woman (can we get verification on this?), but she is all Republican. She is not in favor of the policies that women like myself believe are important. She doesn’t even think you should be able to have an abortion if you were raped! Not even if your daddy did it! She totally thinks that Daddy/Grandads are good American/Christian values.

What a crock of shit. What a silly decision. Whatever you think of Biden, you gotta admit he’d be a decent candidate second to Barack Obama. Hell, at least Joe Biden has championed legislation favoring women such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). I admit that I don’t know much about this Palin lady (doesn’t that say something?) but I don’t think she’s “experienced.” Familiar accusation isn’t it? They said the same thing about Barack Obama, but I guess inexperience is okay for the Vice President. A VP who could very likely become President if old man McCain kicks the bucket.

How long are American men living nowadays?


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  1. The news anchors can’t even agree on how to pronounce her name.


    I’m mad I even had to Wiki her name and history, and was even more disapointed when I read her bio.

    Former high school athlete/ beauty queen turned mayor of a tiny town in Alaska, the state America forgets it has.
    Then looking at her half a term as governor…

    IMO, she only got the nod to pander to the female vote.
    And possibly cause she’s the only one with the least amount of dirt on her. (but she got dirt.)
    AND cause it’d look really bad and hurtful if Joe Biden parked his truck all up in that ass during the debates like he’d do were it Mitt Romney or Joe Lieberman.

    That’s fine, though.
    It’s still a lame-ass ticket.

    I can’t wait for November.

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