Is this not one of the most beautiful songs evAr?

Too bad I’ve never been able to get into anything else Des’ree has done. This, however, has been on rotation ever since 1996.


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5 responses to “Is this not one of the most beautiful songs evAr?

  1. This is a nice song.

    She had/has a pretty nice voice, but prolly wasn’t marketable enough. Or prolly wasn’t singing Black enough music on her album(s).

    : /

    I wonder what she’s doing in 2008?
    Theatre, I hope…

  2. you’re ignorant.
    first of all, she’s British, so that music ain’t makin’ its way over here too tough anyways. We give people a single or two (she had two US hits) then that’s about it. Back across the pond for you.
    secondly, she’s still making albums. new age type stuff. like self-help books in music form.

    So basically, she’s marketable to people who like british sappy happy stuff.

    but not singing black enough? wtf does that have to do with anything?

  3. Be easy, fam! LOL I’m not that ignorant…

    I just didn’t know she was British.
    I thought she was from the States.

    And in thinking that she was from here, I figured she got the same treatment they gave some of the other Black singers that didn’t quite fit into a box.

    My bad! :P

  4. See, you gotta RESEARCH! LOL

  5. I’ve never heard this song. Good lookin’ out.

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