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The Prototype: Clair Huxtable (Revisited)

– Warning: Long Post Ahead –
But it’s the weekend and if you’re reading this, you probably have nothing else to do right now

I’ve made mention on this blog before about my affinity for the character of Clair Huxtable (and Michelle Obama). I even joined a Facebook group with other women who want to be a Clair. It all looks so good, right? Portrayed by the fabulous Phylicia Rashad, Clair Huxtable was beautiful and strong. She was a great mother and commanded in her career (when we got those rare shots of her actually at work). She had the adoration and respect of her children. Her husband was infatuated with her. She knew literature, jazz, dance, history. She was graceful and always appropriate, yet she took NO mess from anyone. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well duh, it was TV. Still, that hasn’t stopped yound people from wanting her to be their mom, women from wanting to be her, or men from wanting to be with her. So what IS it with this chick?
A scholarly take on the “EveryWoman” that was Clair Hanks Huxtable:

Clair may not have been the star of the show, but she definitely prevailed over the family. If the children were often able to pull one over Cliff, it was very rare that they could fool their mother. Her children recognized her authority yet trusted her as they knew she understood them and was open to dialogue. She was a no-nonsense person, but had a sense of humor and was very playful. Clair’s relationship with Cliff also was a double-faceted one. She enjoyed a certain complicity with her husband in their important united front vis-a-vis the children. Yet, in addition, she was constantly waiting for him round the bend as he gullibly got taken in by one of the children’s maneuvers or tried to sneak in some high cholesterol treat into the daily diet she watched over so carefully. Continue reading


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