I Want to Work for Diddy – Mission 6

Mission 6 – The Unforgivable Hustle

I feel like I’m a definition of a hustler. Certain people are blessed with that common sense, go-getter, hustler type of attitude. If you can combine those forces, they’re the type of people I want on my team.
The Tao of Diddy

Yo, last week was crazy, right? Boris straight up called Kendra OUT! This week didn’t let me down, either. We started off with Mike and Poprah getting into it. Thank you Diddy for continuing to bring the drama!

The craziest thing about this week’s ep was the booting of LAVERNE! Yes, child. LAVERNE! I don’t know if she really should have gone. Maybe this was just a way to get rid of her early, because honestly… would the Diddster roll with a Transsexual assistant? We’ll never know, now. I liked LaVerne a lot. I thought she was pretty level headed and together.

Brief recap, the teams’ challenge was to go to Sephora and sell as many bottles of Sean John Unforgivable as they can. They also had to make promotional T-shirts.

Downtown started off with a bang, so to speak. Mike’s idea for a shirt: “Now Smell This”. His explanation: “Women always think they coochie smell good. C’mon, Keep it funky!” The team hated on it, but I thought it was kind of clever. Not the coochie part, but overall.

Once again, the team was trying to exploit LaVerne’s identity as a trans person. She shoulda kirked the fuck out about it, she was certainly entitled at that point. Ever the lady, LaVerne kept herself in check.

Unfortunately, it seems like LaVerne’s identity is working against her in this challenge. People aren’t responding well to this tall, deep-voiced, Black woman who pretty obviously was born a man. Sex sells and many of the people in Sephora aren’t interested in sex with LaVerne. She wasn’t able to connect with the customers and didn’t close a deal.

I thought Downtown team did an impeccable job. They stepped out first and foremost looking sharp. The guys in suits, the ladies in the promo tees and sleek black bottoms. Mike was SELLING! Flirting, running game, compliments. The girls were working the sexiness. Boris on the other hand… didn’t sell a single bottle.

In the end, LaVerne lost her mojo. She got bitter and down on herself. I really did not think she should have left. Just because she couldn’t sell any perfume on this challenge doesn’t mean that she’s not an asset to any team she is on. You can’t try to exploit her identity at one point, and then when she’s not down for that, get mad and say she fucked up because of her identity. If this wasn’t TV, Kim would have gone and LaVerne would have stayed. Kim is a cancer. And her arms are fat as hell.

Shame on Kim for her hurtful comments re: LaVerne. She’s got some damned nerve. “This woman never had a dream or vision to build a multimedia entertainment conglomerate,” she said. To top it off, Poprah proclaimed, “You wanna know why I’m overweight? I got tired of the men in the industry wanting to sleep with me, so I said if I’m fat, I’ll be the girl that they respect, not the girl they want to have sex with.” HAHAHAHA! Where does she get this stuff?! She ended by calling Laverne a joke and a “spectacle.” Wow. Rude.

Kudos to Mike for saying that LaVerne had a beautiful soul and hoping she didn’t get cut. Awww.

Let’s see what LaVerne had to say in her exit interview. Keep ya head girl. I bet a show or opportunity is coming for you. GORGEOUS!


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11 responses to “I Want to Work for Diddy – Mission 6

  1. krispyana

    Thanks for providing us with the quotes. I saw everything up to the last 15-20 minutes, so your quotes really helped fill in the gap for me. I agree that Kim should have been let go and not Laverne, who I actually liked. I don’t think Diddy was trying to get Laverne out of the way though. He seems pretty open minded.

  2. Yeah, I guess Diddy wouldn’t care, so long as you didn’t screw up. Kim is just good TV, though. I think LaVerne will be okay in the end. I’m just sad to see her go because like Mike said, she’s got a “beautiful soul.”

  3. yeah ima miss my girl laverne
    if they dont kick kim off already….it was mad to the point that im like “DAMN YOU KEVIN LILES!!!!!!!!!!” (u know they kick off whoever he says should be kicked off right?)…and he is feeling kim

    but yeah keep making these post because i have monday classes and may miss a few shows….oh and can u do a making the band blog for tomorrow?
    okay thanx

  4. I missed this last night so thanks for providing a recap. I’m sure I’ll catch a re-airing of the show.

    How about starting a campaign to boot Kim off? LOL she really needs to go. She would not fit in with his existing staff.

  5. krispyana

    I agree with laughing808. Kim has got to go!

  6. whitraye

    man! i was ROFLMAO @ kim saying thats the reason why she gained weight. umm no, you gain weight cuz you eat too much. and the men not wanting to sleep with you is a by product of that shit, not the reason why.
    and you, bourgie, just had say (as a side note) that her arms are fat as hell… BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
    ne way, this has become one of my fav shows. and i liked laverne.
    will see just how badly poprah can manage to jack up the other team next week. that should be interesting.

  7. @ Whiteraye: Yo, when she took that jacket off and I saw those arms… I was repulsed. I ran into my kitchen and started power-lifting gallon jugs of water.

  8. Nina003

    Let me blow up the spot…the one who’s going to work for diddy is Kim. If anyone saw the opera show, well there is your answer….

    What a waste of time… :)

  9. You’re exactly right. But what you didn’t see which was edited out as usual, is that Laverne said to the judges that I was not fit to work for Diddy and had allowed myself to get out of shape which showed I had no self control, like my attitude.

    My response about the true reason I chose to come off my 6 day a week work out, healthy eating lifestyle (see my pics a famousvh1.friends.com & click on photo) which kept me at a size 5 for over 10 years, was because almost every man I dealt with in the industry whether celeb or exec propositioned me sexually and I was sick of it. I felt maybe Monique, Missy, Oprah, or Queen Latifah did not go through that so I wanted to be look like them. I wanted to grow a business more than I wanted to be sexy. It was stupid choice but I was young and didn’t see another way remove there personal pursuit from the equation. I’ve talked to other people who’ve sabotaged some aspect of their lives to protect themselves and it’s not as rare as people think.

    Like people who are rich and blow or give all their money away because they are tired of the pressure of having it, they figure if they don’t have it, noone can ask them for it.

    Just know that when I make a statement there is always a reason, I keep it real and don’t make comments just for drama. I was the realest on the show, tear, anger, frustration, ideas and all, it was real. And my arms are huge, and soft and squishy, they’re like legs actually, thanks.

    Sorry to disappoint the haters who want to make it something else.

    Always Real,


  10. “I felt maybe Monique, Missy, Oprah, or Queen Latifah did not go through that so I wanted to be look like them.”
    I think it’s odd that you make the assumption that those women are asexual and no one would harass them because they’re not a size 5.
    I also think it’s odd you’d make a choice against your health and all better judgment to become overweight as if that would ease your career path.
    Not saying it’s right, but it’s true: Looks matter in business.
    But you admit that it was a stupid choice. It was yours to make, nonetheless.
    Even though we’re “hating” it’s more like love/hate cuz your ridiculousness is so fucking entertaining! Yay Poprah!

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