Daily Archives: Sep. 12th, 08

family (re)union

I’m going to meet my sister whom I have never met before. If I recall correctly, she’s around 19-21 years old. She lives in Germany and has lived there her whole life. My dad was in the Army, see.

Anyway, she’s coming to America for the first time. We’re meeting up in NYC. I’m also going to see my father whom I haven’t seen in 5 years or so.

I don’t really have any big expectations. I expect a lil awkwardness, that’s it. I’m going into it pretty openly. It’s a fresh slate with my sister. My father and I have only started talking again last Xmas after years of being out of touch. I’m not on that resentment tip, so like I said, going into it openly. I’m sure it’ll be fun. I’ll def be following up here.

Have you ever had to reconnect or connect with family?


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