I Want to Work for Diddy: Mission 7

Mission 7 - The Art of Celebration

We have a job to do when we throw a party, that people have to leave saying that they had one of the best times of their lives. It’s important to me that everybody is catered to that everybody is VIP. My team is gonna have to be on top of that.
– The Tao of Diddy

I’m sure I could be Diddy’s assistant. Not that I’d really want to, because his personality and mine would be sure to clash on more than one occasion, but I’m sure I could do it. Looking at these buffoons run around like nuts makes me confident. The types of things they’re asked to do, these “challenges” are silly and I really don’t think Mr. Combs’ assistant would have to do half of what these folks are made to do. True, it’s television but sheesh.

One job that does seem like it could come under the scope of Personal Assistant to a “Mogul” would be planning a party. Diddy is famous for his star-studded, anyone who’s anyone shindigs. I could imagine there would come a time or 70 when you’d be asked to handle the details for those huge parties. This week’s ep finds Uptown and Downtown trying to do just that.

I love that Mike straight up told Kim “You have to sit by yourself and look in the mirror and figure out why we all. Don’t. Like. You. Kim. You are an ugly person. You are a hypocrite.” Her response was more of the same, displacing blame and applying the Hater Defense. Basically, the hater defense is when someone has no other retort or explanation for what’s going on other than that everyone is hating on them.

I need to know who this woman’s agent is. She CAN’T be real. CAN’T be serious. After Mike, in so many words, told her to check herself before she wrecks herself, Poprah hit us with a lil testimony: “When everyone that you know betrays you, betrays you/he’ll jump right in and save you, save you. It ain’t about me, it’s about him. God is real. That’s what’s up.” Alrighty then. She is pure entertainment. Love it or hate it. The way VH1 and MTV are going, I’m pretty sure that Poprah could get her own show after this. That’s both great and sad.

You and I could see this party shit crashing from jump as soon as Red said that he was a party planner in Boston for a living. Whenever you think you’re an expert on some shit, all of the blame is going to fall on you when it fucks up.

Suszanne is supposed to be good with money and out the gate she spent 3Gs on live graffiti artists. I personally like the idea of live art. It’s worked very well at parties I’ve attended. HOWEVERRRRR, I’m not spending 3Gs out of a $4,000 budget on that stuff.

LOL @ when Diddy showed up to the parties. Those fools straight up shat their pants. Of course he ordered a Ciroc and Lemonade that Stephanie poured. That chick filled the glass full of vodka, about an inch from the top and dropped in a splash of lemonade. Even Sean Combs couldn’t drank that mess! Who can’t make a basic vodka drink?

Downtown’s theme of Demonic Hell won out over Uptown’s Graffiti Jam. Diddy wasn’t feeling the devil theme because he “rolls with God all the way,” but since the other jawn was straight up wack, D’Town won by default.

Poprah felt good because she got some validation by winning on her new team, D’Town. Up for elimination was Stephanie and Red. In a strange turn of events, Red takes advice from Poprah on how to beat the elimination. She IS a pro, though, at pointing the finger instead of taking blame.

In the end, Red bit the dust. I’m glad about that, though. He was hella annoying and speaks like an incompetent. He should have picked Suzanne to go up against. He would have had a stronger argument had he harped on her mismanagement of the budget. Scared money don’t make money and Red was afraid to go up against Suzanne. Clearly, he was not ready to work for Diddy.

Oh, and if you peeped Poprah’s comment on my last Diddy entry, she referred to pics of her being slim. Not bad, Kim. She’s clearly a pretty woman, just has an ugly attitude and is quite rotund. Question: If Poprah is such a hustler and a professional, why come she couldn’t get a scanner instead of taking a picture of the hard copy photographs? Bourgie wants to know.

Not what they meant by "picture in picture"



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7 responses to “I Want to Work for Diddy: Mission 7

  1. LOL @ the pics.
    (And LOL @ the potential this entry has to entertain.)

    *Thriller popcorn*

  2. Another good re-cap. I actually caught the show last night. And was disappointed by Red and his teammates. I knew for sure they could/would pull this one since “Poprah” always caused such a big ball of confusion between them. And with Red’s party planning experience they were definitely a shoe in to win. But what was up with the lack of a theme????? Really, if all else failed they could have and probably would have faired better by making it a Ciroc party. Yeah it’s been done, but they cold have re-done it. I agree that Suzanne spending 3k on the graffitti artist was abit over board, and she didn’t even attempt to bargin with them. Jimminey crickets they are in New York, most things you can bargin on. At the very least she could have talked them down 500 to 1k leaving abit more of the budget for some “girls” and other misc items.

    I think Red was the obvious person to go home since he allowed a few things to slip thru his grasp.
    First he should have had ideas for themes rolling off the tip of his tongue. Second he should have stepped up to handle the money, third I really think the plannign should have been more of a one man show for him and then the actual execution of those plans should have been left with Stephanie and Suzanne.

  3. okay no wonder they called her a hoe and tried to sleep with her…is that a leather cat suit with her legs all open?

  4. In the back of a limo, no less.

  5. yo this is exactly what i thought re: them fuzzy ass pictures. like, what year is this? she uploaded those pictures to the vh1 site this year. this is 2008. that dont add up in the least.

  6. mano

    i wanted red to win
    he was sexy

  7. Mano, to each his own I suppose. My take: Red had a weak chin and a small mouth, which is universally un-sexy.

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