Sorry. I feel like I’ve been neglecting the 4 or 5 regular readers that I have along with the random folks who pop up here while looking for pics of Will Smith’s bulge (hits!) or New York’s cleavage (mo’ hits!).

Just been busy. Got slammed with a case I need to prepare for on top of all of the other things I need to do. Basically, this weekend is a bust. I’ve already cancelled on one friend. Trouble is, I can’t get motivated to read these depositions.

Oh, and I’m hungry, too. I’ve been too busy to go grocery shopping so I only have random stuff in my fridge/cabinets. Stuff you use to help make other shit, but nothing you really want to eat on its own. Oh, and frozen stuff that I keep forgetting to defrost. I usually end up eating early in the day and late at night, not very good. Especially when the late at night meal is the heavy one trying to make up for the day. Last night I went out to eat. Night before ordered pizza. Before that… I think I had a beer LOL. Not eating well over the past two weeks has contributed to me being generally tired. I haven’t caught up on rest in a while. It’s what I planned to do this weekend but those depositions are going to put a squash on that.

I’m going to try and find some inspiration to write something though. I might be neglecting rest and food, but that’s no reason to go neglecting my blog!

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One response to “Neglect

  1. It’s fine to neglect us, but don’t neglect your own health.
    If you ain’t rested and fed, your blogs are gonna be malnourished as well!

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