Dear Tyra,

Ahhh Tyra. I really do respect how you’ve been on the grind since you were like 14. You did the high fashion modeling thing then parlayed your newfound curves into Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated gigs. Then you hit up television and banged out cycle after cycle of ANTM. You’re nipping at Oprah’s heels with your talk show. You run a camp for teen girls, T-Zone (oddly named since when I think of a T-Zone, I think of the oily patch on my nose and forehead). You are doing it, girlfriend. *Snaps* I bet you have a clothing line, magazine or home decor line in the works a la Martha Stewart.

My point is, I like you. I like you despite the fact that you sometimes make serious fashion and hair blunders. I like you despite the fact that you exploit peoples’ ethnicities and backgrounds on ANTM. I like you despite the fact that you always put emphasis on words that often do not need emphasizing and you take unnecessary pauses in the middle of words. Super annoying, honeychild. *More Snaps*

This, however, I can’t really excuse or defend. You’re wilding out. Maybe you had a bit much wine, I can empathize there. Maybe you took too many painkillers. Again, empathy. This is just bad judgment. Alas, I have no choice but to post the offending evidence of your impending mental breakdown on my blog. You’re my girl, but like I said… indefensible!


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2 responses to “Dear Tyra,

  1. universeexpanding

    Watching ANTM last week someone commented to me that they were sure Tyra smokes something before panel in response to that “Every girl can see themselves in that photo…you look multiethnic” comment she made about Elina. Red poofy hair + pouty lips = multiethnic?

    After this clip I’m sure she’s on that stuff.
    Maybe she’s been inhaling excessive fumes from her lacefront glue?

  2. LOL @ the glue. True that.
    And yeah I was all “huh?” at that comment to Elina as well.
    I think they might end up changing that hair. They did that to the girl a couple of “cycles” ago who had the red weave. She had no knowledge whatsoever on weave care and got it matted up.

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