I Want to Work for Diddy – Mission 8

Money, money, money. I like making a lot of it.
– The Tao of Diddy™

Last week, Steph almost got the boot (and would have if Capricorn had her way) because she couldn’t make a decent Ciroc and Lemonade. At least that’s what it amounted to in my opinion. Red bounced since his so-called club promotion experience left the team with a big fat L.

This week, it was All About The Benjamins: The Money Hustle. I love the way the show started with Diddy appearing in the middle of the night to wake up the wannabes. Dude is sitting over Mike, eating Doritos. Then he wakes up Kendra and says, “I wish I could sleep” (chomp chomp chomp). BWAHHAHAHA. It kind of reminded me of the Burger King King when he’s in the bed with folks.

To see who is really going to be able to make money and hustle, Diddy breaks up the teams and puts everyone out there on their own. (Aside: Does your personal assistant really have to be able to make money for you? End Aside) Well, sort of alone. Each person will be judged alone, but they have to do work in pairs. $500 goes to each team to get busy.

Kendra and Mike: Buy white tees, batteries and water. Basic hustleman stuff. I know I’ve bought water off the street.
Suzanne and Poprah/Kim: Carnival acts – Guess Poprah’s age!
Boris and Stefanie: Sell Sex! Make Stefanie give out massages. Way to move the movement for women!

I think it’s important to be a hustler. Hustler has two different definitions, though. There’s a negative definition for a hustler. Means you’re trying to hustle somebody out of something. My definition of a hustler means i want to hustle harder. I want to work harder. I want to strive harder to get to a certain goal.
– The Tao of Diddy™

Oops #1, Boris and Stefanie notice that their money is missing. At almost the same time, Mike and Kendra realize that they mistakenly took the money. Boris ain’t hearing that though… he believes they took it on purpose. DRAMA!

Oops #2, the police roll up on Mike & Kendra. Guess they didn’t know that being an Unlicensed General Vendor can get you arrested in New York City.

Oops #3, Boris and Stefanie agree to transcribe two DVDs for $75 which they’re told will take 4 hours, but they figure they can do it in one. They found that it really does take 4 hours. FAIL.

WHY oh WHY does Poprah insist on rapping as a “hint” so people can guess her age? Is it to throw them off? If she raps about being from the A, will they assume she’s young? Apparently it’s working, though, because only one person guessed correctly, FORTY! Truth: She does look younger than that. Another Truth: I think it’s because when you’re plump, you’re less likely to show wrinkles. Isn’t that the science behind Botox?

Nah, let me back off. Cuz once again, after Poprah’s antics and craziness, she proves to be on top. She and Suzanne beat out everybody and beat ’em badly. Team Guess My Age made over $400 compared to Mike & Kendra’s $27.42 and Boris & Stef’s $98.64.

Like I said in the beginning, each person was judged individually. This elimination saw Boris up against Kendra… again. Unlike last time they were on the block, when they both got saved, this day the axe fell on both of their necks. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!


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3 responses to “I Want to Work for Diddy – Mission 8

  1. okay see i was gonna call you after i saw that she was 40….chile i dont know how i feel about that…but its true about weight and age…so i guess i should get fat when im like 50 so ill look 30 lol

    anyway yeah kendra def played herself because she definitely has a short temper…and boris is a bitch ass i cant believe his first cop out is to always talk bad about a person

    anyway i cant wait for next week:)

  2. thanks again for the recap……I”m starting to depend on your recaps. I didn’t catch the show last night. I’ll catch it when it re-airs.

    It was time for Boris to leave anyway. I think he had the Diddy hustle in him. Kendra is a surprise to me though, attitude aside, she had some hustle with her.

  3. Good recap. I watch the show every week. I interviewed Kim/PoPrah about a week or so ago, go to my blog and check it out when you get a chance: http://sheliagoss.com/2008/09/15/meet-poprah-from-i-want-to-work-for-diddy/

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