Let me tell you what’s good

These Betty Crocker Warm Delights are goooood as hell.

I bought a package of the Minis in the Molten Chocolate Cake flavor. FYI, each lil bowl is only 150 Calories (SCORE!). According to the directions, all you do is “Simply add water, stir, microwave and in minutes you’ll be enjoying a warm, delicious treat.” Minutes? Nah. With the Minis, it’s only 30 SECONDS until you’re in chocolatey heaven.

See, I’m not the type of person who keeps sweets in the house. I bake stuff from scratch on occasion, but usually for friends or bake sales. I crave cookies and ice cream (mint chocolate chip, thanks), but I don’t buy them. Better to avoid temptation altogether than to try and limit myself to 2 or 3 cookies (impossible). Usually, if I want a little sweet fix, I’ll have a tiny square of dark chocolate or have a cup of tea. Now, though, I can add these Betty Crocker Minis every once in a while.

The coolest thing is that you open the package and get a little packet of cake mix and a packet of “frosting” or in my case, fudge topping. Add 1 Tbsp and 1Tsp of water and bam, you have your batter. Some folks would balk at having to add water and stir. Too much work, I guess. Come on lazy, you’re about to eat a dessert, the least you can do is burn 1/8 of a calorie by stirring it up first! There’s a bonus to mixing it yourself: YOU GET TO LICK THE SPOON! See, it’s more and more like a “real” dessert!

I thought it’d come out lame from the microwave. Nope. That jawn was fluffy as I don’t know what. I will say that when you finish stirring the batter, it looks like it’s not enough to grow into a lil cake. Fam, it was just enough to make you feel like you satisfied your sweet tooth, but a small enough portion so that your guilt didn’t interfere with the sugar high.

It’s like the grown-up version of the Easy Bake Oven. They’re also pretty popular to put in care packages for folks in Iraq. Don’t say I didn’t put you on to nothing.


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4 responses to “Let me tell you what’s good

  1. That sounds (and looks!) down-right fantastic! Off to the grocery store . . .

  2. shelly

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did you tell me this? and chocolate is my favorite! it better be expensive…i need a deterrent.

  3. I LOVE the one with the caramel swirl!!!

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