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National Singles Week!

Hallmark… what’s good? I thought you had everything covered. You even have Mother’s and Father’s Day cards for single parents! I went into Betty Sue’s Hallmark and didn’t find a single card, not even one of those 99cent jawns, for National Singles Week!

I bet you all didn’t even know a National Singles Week existed. I admit, I didn’t know until recently. It’s true, though. September 21-27 is dedicated to those of us who are not yet married. Yep, you can still join in even if you have a boo. No ring, no vows means your in!

What’s the point, though? Isn’t marriage supposed to be a good thing? Of course. Well, to most people. I personally do not have anything against marriage in and of itself, although I do have some issues with the way some people construe the institution of marriage.

If you love marriage and all that jazz, you can still enjoy this week, fellow singles! Hmm, I wonder if this is why TVOne ran a reunion of the Living Single cast on Monday. How convenient!!
Psychology Today lists reasons why we need National Singles Week. I’ll pick out a few: Continue reading


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