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Blu, Blu, Blu

Damn Blu…
tell the truth, I forgot all about you. Your jam Breathe still cranks in my ipod though.

Now you done gone and made yaself scarce in another way. Honestly, how did you go from A to B?


B (From YBF)

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Randoms | Blogger’s Block

I’ve been making a lot of posts about television shows and random swipes lately. I guess it’s because I’ve been super busy and still wanted to put up something for you all. Still, I get a bit peeved when I realize that I’ve just been putting fluff out there. Unfortunately, I’m still kind of busy, super tired and uninspired. I don’t know what to write for you guys. Whenever this happens, I just try to write what’s been going on lately. If I’m lucky, the mundane turns into the interesting.

After I got back from meeting my sis for the first time, I had no time to rest. That was an amazing weekend, but a terribly exhausting one, as well. When I got back to my grind, I had papers due and a case to prep for. I was pissed, though, because after I spent all of that next weekend preparing for a case, the damn thing got continued!

My apartment is a mess, yall. I’m embarrased. I told a friend of mine that he couldn’t come over. TWICE. All because of how janky my apartment i right now. I really just have had no time or energy to clean up. There are clothes on the floor in almost every room (save the kitchen). Magazines cover the coffee table. Shopping bags in the hall. Ugh. My plan is to tackle all of that this weekend, though. I’m scouring all up and through my spot, even cleaning out the fridge!

I hurt my feet something terrible yesterday. I wore some new shoes, super cute, right? However… I walked around in those jammies all freaking day. ALL DAY! I didn’t realize it while I was wearing them, but by the time I took them off, I had about 3 blisters. :( Not hot, yall. I had to lug myself to the CVS and pick up some blister pads. It’s sneakers and flats for the rest of the weekend, man. I love beautiful shoes and I usually will not sacrifice my feet for a pretty shoe, but I really didn’t plan on wearing them like I did. Philadelphia is a pretty walkable city, but that doesn’t mean you should do it in some high-heeled round-toe pumps. Plus they were brand new and this was the first day I wore them. I didn’t know how they’d last!

I met up with a friend of mine from college. Well more than a friend… we were best friends and she was my roommate ALL through college and after. I hadn’t seen her in a long time and I feel bad about that. How do people go from being stuck at the hip to updating each other via their Facebook status? We had a nice time, though and we’ll be seeing each other again soon at a baby shower during Homecoming weekend.

Ugh, I’m still not inspired yet and this is all still so mundane! I certainly don’t want to talk about the election right now. Nor do I want to ramble on about the economic crisis. There are plenty of bloggers out there to handle those issues.

Sorry I suck right now. We’ll see what I come up with later.

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Singles Week – a lil’ extra

FYI, if you’re one of the singles lamenting the fact that you aren’t hitched, go outside and meet somebody. If that’s too much for you to handle, start at home!

Anyone who visits http://www.chemistry.com/offer/7daysfree?bannerid=2008972 this week (9/22-9/27) will receive a free seven-day membership to Chemistry.com.

Chemistry.com’s “Come As You Are” mantra has created a destination that attracts millions of diverse and creative people who are looking for the kind of relationship that fits their needs and their life-philosophy – whether it’s a marriage, long-term commitment, or romance.

Of course, Bourgie cannot guarantee that you’ll find your life partner, but I figured it would be nice to know! If you DO meet a significant other, I ask that I at least get invited to the nuptials. Thanks.

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