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Let me tell you that I love to debate. Ever since I was introduced to the concept of debate, in middle school I think, I was hooked. It’s arguing for smart people! I liked the structure one had to follow because it gave the debate control and focus. When I got into philosophy in college, my love for debate grew. We had to argue using logic and deductive reasoning. You were banned from retreating to comfortable and familiar “arguments” based in religion, for example. Now that I’m in law school, I’m basically a professional debater! Sweet! Yep, I like debating.

Watching debates, however… eh, not so much. Very rarely has a debate been that interesting to me from the audience point of view. Tonight’s Presidential Candidate Debate promises to be different, however. I want to watch because I really want to hear what these guys have to say about their plans, ideas and vision for the next four years. I want to watch their body language. I want to see how they react to one another, the crowd and the moderator. I want to hear the tone of their voices as they respond. And, no secret, I want Barack Obama to come out on top.

What I do not want, though, is to be stuck with a bunch of idiots who think this is a sporting event. Folks are gathering all over the country for “debate watch parties”. Some are impromptu and informal, others are listed right on the Obama for President website. Small home gatherings to big rented out rooms.

I am going to a debate watch get together at someone’s crib. A handful of peeps are just going to snack, drink and take in the candidates. That’s about all I can take. Why? Because I cannot stand to hear random Joe Schmoe make political commentary while I’m trying to listen. I also don’t want to chance being in the room with McCain supporters. I could vomit. What about when I want to comment. The slight chance that someone might “Shhhh” me could result in Philadelphia’s 483rd murder (not really, but you know).

I just want to enjoy this debate like I enjoyed my debates of the past. I want to LEARN something tonight. I don’t want to be arrested for murder.

By the way, if you’re on Twitter like I am, you can Hack the Debate! CurrentTV will be broadcasting the debate (like everyone else, so you have to watch since the only other thing on will be Rachel Ray and her annoying giggle) and will be showing Twitter messages across the screen. Check it out if you Tweet!


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