Kill the messenger

Chris Rock came back on the scene last weekend with his HBO standup special Kill The Messenger. The special featured footage spliced from Rock’s performances in Johannesburg, London and Harlem. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I thought it was hilarious. I watched the show over a friend’s crib with a group of folks and they thought it was a riot as well.

As usual, Rock touched on lots of current events, like the election and gas prices, as well as racial issues. He spent a good amount of time talking about interracial dating. It was all funny, as he started out talking about how a Black man would date ANY white woman, even Rosie O’Donnell who is a lesbian and a biggun. Predictably, Rock went on about how Black women hate interracial dating and really hate seeing Black men “step out” on the sisters. Sounded like the same old joke until Rock “revealed” the real reason Black women hate interracial dating: Because Black women are not attracted to white men. Make that average white men. According to Rock, we’ll go for Brad Pitt or Matthew McConaughey, but we won’t think twice about George from Seinfeld. Basically, as far as Black women are concerned, pickings are slim among white guys.

Are you down with the swirl?

Clearly there’s some exaggeration in comedy. There are plenty of Black women/white men couples who are happy. I have Black female friends who date white men and find them attractive.
There’s also truth in comedy. If there wasn’t, we wouldn’t find it funny. I can say that I am not attracted to white men.

That’s not to say that I don’t see white men who are good looking. I can turn on the television, open a magazine or even walk downtown and see a nice looking, handsome white dude. However, I’m nearly 27 years old yall and I have never in my entire dating life been attracted to a white guy. I guess it’s important to know what I mean by attracted. The only way I can think of it is to think of the way I feel when I see a fine Black man. I’ve seen a FOINE brother and literally stopped in my tracks. I’ve done a double/triple/quadruple take more times than I can count. I’ve seen a beautiful Black man and wondered what it would be like to kiss him or even what he looks like under his clothes. It’s their swagger, the way they walk, the way their clothes fit on their bodies, their laugh, their voice, yadda yadda yadda. I need some of what Lauryn Hill was sanging about in The Sweetest Thing. Look, I don’t want to get all Angie Stone in here, so I’ll make my point: there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about Black men that I find irresistibly attractive whereas the best looking white men do not drum up a comparable feeling.

I have never drawn a line in the sand and declared that I will never date or sleep with a white dude. I wouldn’t go that far. I don’t think I’ll have to because I don’t think I’ll get to that point. Not only am I not magnetically attracted to the David Beckhams of the world, I don’t find that they’re particularly ga-ga for me. Of course this could lead to me being single for years and years to come, I realize that. Still, I can’t force who I’m into.

Still, there’s always the Latino, Indian, Asian, etc men of the world. Eh, nevermind. Except for the Hispanic dudes, the others fall into the same pot as white men. I should just start collecting cats right now, huh?


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8 responses to “Kill the messenger

  1. the e-mail gives it away

    hey those skittles commercials said it best……. Taste the Rainbow

  2. Rena

    Like you I can acknowledge an attractive white man with no problem usually I don’t get the same tingle for them as I do when I see an attractive black man (now I do feel that special tingle for Hispanic men, lol). Over my dating history I have dated primarily black and Hispanic men I have dated one 2520 guy while I was in grad. school at a PWU. I don’t really exclude any race just as long he treats me with respect and is attractive to me than I will date him.

    That’s all that matters the respect and the love that two people have for one another not their race.

  3. @ Rena: I agree. I’m not trying to block any blessings, no matter what color package they’re wrapped in. At least I don’t THINK I’m trying to block 2520 (i love that) dudes. They’re just not doing IT for me, ya know?

    @ Emailgivesitaway (haha, it sure did): You’re like a walking poster child for interracial coitus! Introduce me to some white dudes at school, yo. We’ll see if any sparks fly.

  4. Rachel

    I am a complete equal opportunity lover. Never been to Aspen but I will ski ‘dem slopes ALL NIGHT LONG!!! You know the deal. I think most women who say they aren’t attracted to this race or that race is because they have never been with a man who is a member of that race…wait let me fix that, never had the back broken from a man of a particular race. Once you let the guard down and allow them to enter the pleasure zone then you will see all their kin in a different light…you know that dim Jodeci Every freakin’ night and every freakin’ day kind of light!

  5. HAHA @ “never had their back broken…” and “pleasure zone”
    Well Rachel, how can I get my back broken by a white dude if we’re not attracted to each other? Once again, you gonna hook me up?

  6. Rachel

    Just get really really drunk. Like where his skin looks kinda pinkish brown! See dilemma solved!

  7. Haha! Talk about beer goggles!

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