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I already had my seat in hell reserved

but Sarah Palin just told me that I’ve got VIP access now. Sweet! Ta-Nehisi Coates suggested bloggers should post this around the web. Guess he was flabbergasted Palin would basically use religion and the fear of eternal hell-fire to guilt believers into voting for her.

I think the clip is ridiculous, partly because she sounds funny and partly because she takes Madeline Albright’s quote out of context. She even misquotes it by using the word “support” instead of “help”. I have to agree wholeheartedly with a commenter on Coates’ blog who goes by the name Cynic:

[…] It’s a stupid comment, and a cheap throw-away line. But it’s fairly clear that Sarah Palin doesn’t have a theology, as religious scholars might use that term – no systematic understanding of the world or God’s role in it, that seeks to grapple with the paradoxes and profundities of faith. She isn’t speaking a religious truth – support her or burn – so much as giving voice to her twisted brand of feminism, in which opposing an unqualified woman running for office is an act of sexism. Continue reading


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The economy is f*cking with my sex life

Well, a lot of things are fucking with my sex life, but that’s not important right now.

With our nation’s financial future in question and the price of regular stuff like cheese skyrocketing (Cracker Barrel Vermont White Cheddar, why must you rape my pockets?), I’ve decided to cut back on spending. Well, as soon as I made that decision, I spotted a sweater that I’m drooling after and a piece of furniture that I’m lusting for. “Lusting” being the key word.

Although I have no space in my wallet, nor my shoebox apartment for this piece, I think I need the Tantra Chair. The thing looks more like some pretentious chaise lounger than a giant sex seat. According to the chair’s site:

The gentle arc design cradles your body and provides a support system that enables you to comfortably sustain a wide variety of new and exciting sexual positions. In most of the positions, the female has a great amount of control over the depth and angles during intimacy.

You will find that there is a feeling of weightlessness when making love in the Tantra Chair. Because your entire body will be supported, you will not feel the weight of your partner. This aspect opens up a tremendous amount of possibilities as your focus shifts away from your bodies and more into the sensual experience.

See how far you can take this baby after the jump


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