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I hate email forwards, online petitions and the like. This, however, I gotta pass on. Maybe you’ve heard of Che Grand and you’re already in the know. Maybe you don’t. In any event, I’m putting my Bourgie endorsement behind this dude. He’s a genuine MC and a nice guy (thanks for sharing that Goose with me, Che). While I’ve been rocking Che Grand joints like The Fixtape and random guest spots on my iPod, fans want to hear this album he’s been working on since, like, forever: Everything’s Good Ugly.

There are some links to a few Che cuts below. Get familiar. You can also check his blog in my “Stuff Bourgie Likes” section then, if you’re so inclined, sign on to the petition. EGU or nothing.

Che Grand “Girls Talk” (Produced by Aeon)
Che Grand “Crash” (Produced by Von Pea)
Che Grand “I Know You Still Want Me” (Produced by Aeon)

Che Grand is a pretty damn dope artist. trying to do hip hop in 2008 can get all up in your ass. every now and then we all need motivation and reassurance that we’re not wasting our time, because no matter what it feels like there is no bigger picture sometimes. well the homey khal from Rock The Dub has set up an online petition for the album “everythings good ugly” to be released. now while its not 100 percent up to che, it is his decision. if he sees that we want this album, he can allow it to be heard. so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN. YOU DONT HAVE TO FILL ANYTHING OUT other than a name and an email, and its private. CLICK HERE.

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