I vote. I drank. I’m supposed to stop but I cain’t.

Ciroc Obama. It’s not just Diddy’s new “AKA” moniker.
Yesterday, my girl Brokey hipped me to a new drink for the politically-minded and pop culture saturated. Yup, the Ciroc Obama! I cannot wait to mix up a yummy apertif named for our presidential hopeful b/w a vodka best known for its association with Diddy for the inauguration parties. (oh, you ain’t know we was gonna party like Chapelle’s reparations skit?)

Chambord Ciroc Obama

I asked her what was in the C.O. and she reported: Ciroc, blue caracao, lime juice, & sprite. Okay, sounds good. The blue drink makes me think of blue states, and that’s hot. I got curious and Googled ‘Ciroc Obama’ and spotted another recipe being served at a Chicago bar. That version mixes Ciroc, Chambord, Fresh squeezed lemonade, and features a sugar rim. I’on’tknow about that sugar rim, though. Are they trying to say my boy Barry is sweet? Pause.

To be honest, I haven’t had Ciroc yet but I’ve heard that it’s good. I’m wondering, is it ELITE enough to carry the Obama name?

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