99 – A new men’s fragrance from Rocawear. If you were watching Vh1’s Hip Hop Honors last night, you saw the commercial for 99 about 99 times. I have no real opinion on the cologne, particularly since I haven’t smelled it. Some people are hating on the fact that it’s “Jay-Z’s fragrance” like that makes it wack off top. Maybe it does. Then again, Sean John’s Unforgiveable and Britany Spears’ Curious are selling like hotcakes.

My beef is with the commercial. See it here:

You see a beautiful woman in the shower, walking around in sexy lingerie, checking her messages. BEEP! “Hey baby it’s me, gotta work late tonight. Don’t wait up.” So what does she do? She sniffs his collar (which we are to assume carries the lingering scent of 99, not neck sweat).

What part of the game is that? Ladies, do you take kindly to getting all sexified and dolled up, only to have your man say don’t wait up?! Besides, years of movies, television and bad novels has taught us that “work late” is a euphemism for bang the secretary out on the desk. I don’t think so Jigga! That commercial is so stupid. Well, stupid except for the loop of “I Know” in the background. I love that beat.

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One response to “Ninety-Nine

  1. “99 problems, but a b**** ain’t one.”

    I’d figured that they took the name from that song’s hook and made the commercial about fidelity, management of duties and prioritizing.


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