My friends,

It’s almost 2am. I’m not about to go in depth… right now. The entire blogosphere is yackin it up over Tuesday night’s debate and John McCains absolute retardo move addressing Senator Barack H. Obama as “That One.”

I’ll be back. I need to sleep on it.

Ok. 4:24pm and I’m back. Now that I’ve reserved this place to speak on it, I realized that I don’t have anything groundbreaking to say. Do I think John McCain is a racist? Not really. Do I think calling Barack Obama “That One” came from a racist place? Kind of. See, in some situations people just don’t like you. When they don’t like you, that can come out in their demeanor towards you, i.e. not shaking your hand or avoiding eye contact. When they don’t like you, they probably will call you names behind your back. Depending on where you are, they might call you names to your face. A Presidential debate, however, is not one of the places where calling names is appropriate. You’d think John McCain would know that. Town Hall meetings are his thing, right? So he should understand basic things like respect and decorum. I think some of my professors/bosses/elders are idiots, but I address them properly. I know better because A) I was raised right and B) I’m a professional.

I think that John McCain totally crossed the line, not just with his comment, but because of the totality of his actions. Imagine how things would read today if Mr. Obama had been the one to act as McCain did!

A lot of folks will say that Democrats and Black folks in particular are overreacting. I take offense to that. Those who say we’re overreacting are trivializing the body of history that African Americans live with on a daily basis. We are all too familiar with the subtle ways in which others seek to dehumanize or discredit us. Saying we’re overreacting is a slap in the face and only proves how much “the majority” really doesn’t get it.

Really, it wouldn’t have taken much effort to say Senator, Mr. Obama, Barack Obama, or even him. John McCain let his emotions get the best of him and that’s a quality I cannot respect in a leader. He’s probably not racist, per se, but he sure is insensitive and clueless as to how the world works.

Not that I was surprised.
No matter, I don’t care if when I go into the voting booth the lever (or button or chad or what the hell ever) says “That One” because that’s the one I’m going for.


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2 responses to “My friends,

  1. I have not talked about either debate in my blog and I’m totally fine with that.

  2. KMZ

    Thank you for bringing up how offensive it is to be told that we as a people are just overreacting (not just to this, but to everything in general). It is so frustrating, and most of the time I just try to ignore it but basically its equivalent to telling me its all in my mind, I’m just being paranoid, which in turn actually makes me paranoid because then I’m trying to figure out who’s the crazy one, me or them. Anyway, the point you brought out is what I hope to address in my blog; that there are plenty of ways one can encounter subtle racism on a day to day basis, inside and out of our communities.

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