What part of the party game is this?

It’s Friday night and I’m staying in. I’m sittin’ on my couch, just finished watching American History X (for the 3rd time) and eating some Doritos. Oh, and my phone is blowing up. Phone calls and texts. Why? Folks want to know why I’m not at this party. They were asking me if I was going yesterday. Asked me today. Tonight, I got two phone calls from people standing on line at the jawn wanting to know how the party was inside. “I’m not there,” I said. I got a text asking me how the party was. “Dunno. Didn’t go” I replied. “Well do you know who did go?” He said. “I think x,y, and z went but um, I don’t know because I’m NOT THERE,” I replied. Then dude texts me, “Why Not?” Ughh At this point I’m frustrated and I text back saying, “I didn’t have a ride.”

I didn’t have a ride. I don’t know if yall remember, but earlier in the summer I had a car accident. Then middle of the summer there was a mechanical problem. I just couldn’t really afford to fix it and reasoned that, since I’m leaving the country in January, I don’t really need a car to keep up with. It wasn’t worth it to fix, in my opinion. So I don’t have a car anymore. That really hampers my social life since I don’t live downtown. I live inconveniently far away from where a lot of my friends live and party. During the day, I mainly get around via public transpo, but in Philly that’s not really an option late at night. By the time I would finish partying, the train and bus I take to get home would have stopped running. Needless to say, I don’t go out as much as I used to before the summer. I would go out every week, sometimes a couple of nights a week. Now I only go out if someone can guarantee me a ride home or if I decide to crash at my girl The Arruh’s crib. As you can imagine, it’s not always convenient for me to stay over. I like to sleep in my bed and sometimes I have shit to do the next day. I also don’t want to be that person who is always trying to crash.

The weirdest thing to me, then, is how people are always wanting to know if I’M going to some shit, but no one ever offers me a ride. Not to toot my own horn, but it’s pretty well known that I’m the “life of the party.” There are many times that people check in to see if I’m going to an event before they show up. I had someone invite me out recently and I said I couldn’t go. He asked me to just rsvp and tell other people I was going so they would be more inclined to go. I should get paid for this shit. Is it because I’m known to dance, drink, talk shit, get crazy, make people laugh? What part of the party game is that?

At times, I feel responsible for people’s fun and entertainment since they’re putting so much stock into what the hell I’m doing. Like if I cosign a party, it better be good because people are going off the strength of my recommendation. At times, though. Not all the time. I’m about to be over that. Just take a sista home, yo and we can party all night! I think I missed my calling. Screw law school. I’m going to become a socialite and hire a driver. Now That’s Hot © Ms. Hilton


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2 responses to “What part of the party game is this?

  1. (fŭng\'kē) [blak] [chik]

    Even before I got to the ‘they never offer a ride’ part, I knew it was coming! Been there, done that…when I was in school, I was one of the few people out of the group who had a car and knew where all the parties were, got invites and hooked everyone up…but when the car was snatched right from under me (parents felt it was hindering me..lol)…Negroes went ghost..lol..yeah they called wanting to know which events they should attend, but like your people, never offered jack! Needless to say, me, NYC transit & the taxi became best friends..lol

  2. I feel u luv….Cincinnati is the EXACT same way. If it’s after 1a.m. u can forget about the Metro…that’s when it stops running. And unfortunately we don’t have trains here (keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll happen some day, lol!!). Fortunately for me, I now live in the University district of the ‘Nati: most of the cool events/parties happen around campus (read: walking distance) and for those that happen Downtown, a cab ride is only 6-10 minutes long and costs $5-$7. I can live with that until I get my Aston Martin….

    So as I see it you have two choices to change your nitelife: 1)Move closer in-town or 2)Become a Professional Party Host™ . Now I’m inclined to think that #1 prolly isn’t going to be too convenient for you…where you live currently is probably close to your school/job. So. That. Leaves. Numero Dos!!!! If people think that a party ain’t a party without Renèe, then get them to hire you to host their party. Charge them a small nominal fee and include transportation To/From said event. Transportation could be a rental or a limo, but more than likely would just be cab fare (which is cool since you’re not paying for it). In return, they get the Hostess with the Mostess attending their event/party, plus access to some/all of said Hostesses tastemaker friends. You seem like a really popular woman (plus you’re hella gorgeous…sorry, got sidetracked there…) so I’m sure that you and your friends alone could fill up a party. Just think of all the money you could stack up for your trip or that Tantric Chair that you got your eye on….. :wink:

    ….just make sure that I get an invite to one of your swanky shindigs, K? Thanks….


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