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Remember Jiffy Pop?

I don’t know why, but I thought of Jiffy Pop just now. I remember growing up, Jiffy Pop was such a treat. Not because it was all that good. Truthfully, I preferred the air-popped popcorn we used to make at my Aunt Jennifer’s crib. Do they even make air-poppers anymore? Jiffy Pop was cool as hell in the days before we all made popcorn in the microwave. It sure was better than putting a lil oil in the bottom of a pot and tossing in some kernels.

Jiffy Pop’s allure was that silver dome that would rise after about 90 seconds of pop time. You got to stand over the stove (an unusual privilege for a young kid) and shake shake shake that sucker. First there was the rustling of the kernels in the aluminum pan. Then there was the sizzle of the oil inside. Finally, POP! POPPOPPOPPOPPOP! Popcorny splendor!!! You had to be pretty adept at Jiffy Popping or risk burning the popcorn. Not too different from how you must keep a vigilant watch over the microwave nowadays or risk having your coworkers hate you for the next hour or so.

I think I’m going to buy some. It can’t be more than a dollar now, ya think? What food/snack are you nostalgic about? Click to watch Jiffy Pop in action!


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Woman missing from PA area

Just figured you all, particularly my PA folks, could take a look. Michelle McMullen’s family is desperately trying to find her. A quick glance can’t hurt and you never know, maybe a familiar face turns out to be a missing person.

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philly so crazy

Last night I was out and about, running around on a failed mission (but I won’t get into that). As usual, Philly never disappoints and I was able to observe/overhear some interesting stuff.

  • On the Broad Street Line, around 7pm, headed southbound. A young woman and her two kids get on and sit behind me. These kids must have just fueled up on grape sodas and bubblegum because they’re bouncing off the walls. No, bouncing off the seats. My seat. One kid repeatedly hits me in the back. I’m trying to stay chill because kids can be stupid and I figure soon enough, the mom will put her in check. Nope. So now I gotta turn around in my seat and give that half smile which means “Bitch, control your litter!” Anyway, both of the kids continue to just make noise and wild out. Eventually, the mom gets fed up (I guess after dealing with them, her threshhold for bullshit is pretty high) and says to her son, “I swear I’m going to punch you in the face!” The little boy, unflinched, says “Mommy, I love you.” Without missing a beat, the mom replies, “I love you too.” Man, if that ain’t some kind of warped ass love, I don’t know what is. Continue reading


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