Remember Jiffy Pop?

I don’t know why, but I thought of Jiffy Pop just now. I remember growing up, Jiffy Pop was such a treat. Not because it was all that good. Truthfully, I preferred the air-popped popcorn we used to make at my Aunt Jennifer’s crib. Do they even make air-poppers anymore? Jiffy Pop was cool as hell in the days before we all made popcorn in the microwave. It sure was better than putting a lil oil in the bottom of a pot and tossing in some kernels.

Jiffy Pop’s allure was that silver dome that would rise after about 90 seconds of pop time. You got to stand over the stove (an unusual privilege for a young kid) and shake shake shake that sucker. First there was the rustling of the kernels in the aluminum pan. Then there was the sizzle of the oil inside. Finally, POP! POPPOPPOPPOPPOP! Popcorny splendor!!! You had to be pretty adept at Jiffy Popping or risk burning the popcorn. Not too different from how you must keep a vigilant watch over the microwave nowadays or risk having your coworkers hate you for the next hour or so.

I think I’m going to buy some. It can’t be more than a dollar now, ya think? What food/snack are you nostalgic about?


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3 responses to “Remember Jiffy Pop?

  1. I got some Jiffy Pop on top of my fridge, yo.
    I never bothered to see if you can use them with the cooktop surfaces, though…

  2. Hydr0

    Jiffy Pop was that work….I am now addicted Kettle Corn Popcorn. The AMC theater we have here let’s you bring your own food in (no sneaking needed) so I always pop me a batch of Kettle Corn and grab a box of Goobers from the store before I go watch a flick. BTW, “Eagle Eye” starring Shia LaBeouf? Highly recommended……

  3. of course I remember jiffy pop……and I actually purchased one last year to relive the experience. But the popcorn was awful. I think I paid a dollar for it.

    I always have and even now prefer air popped popcorn.

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