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No EmoBlogging

At least I still have my politics straight.

Yall, I want to blog so emo right now (emo as in angsty and depressed, not emo as in Pete Wentz). I may have mentioned this before, but every 3 months or so, it’s time for my Quarterly Mental Breakdown & Depression Week. I don’t know, I guess I save up all the things that bother me and once they rise to a certain level, the pipes burst and I get all Eeyore and Snuffleupagus out here. I try not to let that cross over onto this blog because, frankly, who wants to read that stuff? Also, some of the things and people I’d write about… well a lot of people I know read this thing and I’d rather speak to them about it one on one instead of having them reading it on Bourgie Adventures.

At this point, I’m just counting down to Halloween/my birthday/homecoming for some good times. Before then, though, it’s not looking too great.

Tell me something good, yall!


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Columbus Day Alternatives

I was watching Good Day News this morning and Sue Serio was on there talking about what Italian dish she was going to have with her family tonight in honor of Columbus Day. That made me remember that Italian-Americans go banana bonkers over Columbus Day. (Remember, although Christopher Columbus was commissioned by the Spanish Crown to make his voyage, he was an Italian from Genoa) It’s like their St. Patrick’s Day or something. They have parades and apparently go home and make Italian dinners. Being African-American, I know how it is to want to celebrate a piece of your culture and history with holidays and parades and days off from work. The thing is, African Americans, Irish Americans, Caribbean Americans and other ethnicities usually celebrate positive role models instead of one who brought disease, sexual assault and subjugation to indigineous peoples of the Americas.

I’m pretty sure Italian Americans have other folks they can honor. Here are my suggestions to get them started:

  • Marco Polo. He was an explorer who went to China and hooked up with the Mongols. More importantly, there’s a really fun swimming pool game and a song with Bow Wow featuring Soulja Boy named after him!
  • Lorenzo de Tonti. He was an Italian politician who invented a form of life insurance. More importantly, he gave birth to a son who helped establish Detroit, MI. Without him, we’d never have gems like “It’s So Cold in The D.”
  • Sophia Loren. Just because she’s an ol’ fox who kept it thicky thick thick, once saying in reference to her figure, “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.”
  • Enzo Ferrari. Manufacturer of the universal panty-dropping car, the Ferrari. Keeping the garages of rappers, athletes and Grand Prix racers full and flashy!

No need to thank me, my Italian American friends! Ciao!!

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