No EmoBlogging

At least I still have my politics straight.

Yall, I want to blog so emo right now (emo as in angsty and depressed, not emo as in Pete Wentz). I may have mentioned this before, but every 3 months or so, it’s time for my Quarterly Mental Breakdown & Depression Week. I don’t know, I guess I save up all the things that bother me and once they rise to a certain level, the pipes burst and I get all Eeyore and Snuffleupagus out here. I try not to let that cross over onto this blog because, frankly, who wants to read that stuff? Also, some of the things and people I’d write about… well a lot of people I know read this thing and I’d rather speak to them about it one on one instead of having them reading it on Bourgie Adventures.

At this point, I’m just counting down to Halloween/my birthday/homecoming for some good times. Before then, though, it’s not looking too great.

Tell me something good, yall!


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7 responses to “No EmoBlogging

  1. Hydr0

    A couple of questions:

    1) Who are dressing up as for Halloween? I know a diva like you usually goes all out…any chance you’ll post picks of the costume up on Flickr? :BTW, I am Frank Lanzkie on Flickr….:

    2) When’s the B’Day and what would u like for a gift? Please bear in mind that my laptop Was recently stolen so let’s not go crazy and ask for a horse or car, lol!!!

    3) Who’s homecoming are you looking forward to?

    Now onto the good news: in response to the whole “can’t party, no car thing” I did a little digging and came up with a service that just might be able to help you. Look up: ; I think they have service in Philly.

    One other thing: Please smile for me. You are wayyyy too sexy to be looking all frownie/depressed…..

  2. Hydr0

    Yo!!!! They DO have service in Philly:


  3. 1, still hashing out the Halloween costume. You’re right though, I usually go nuts on 10/31
    2, Haha. I’m making a bday wishlist that will soon be available to the people in case anyone’s feeling generous in these times of economic shittiness.
    3, MY homecoming… UNC!

    I’m already down w/Philly Car Share. However, that shit is still inconvenient because you need to get to the car!

  4. Hydr0

    Definitely give Zipcar a look then. From the maps I was checking out, they have more cars in the bigger Metropolitan cities: Philly, DC/VA/MD & NYC. Unfortunately, they only have cars in Columbus, but hopefully soon they’ll come to Cincinnati.

    So you’re a Tarheel huh? Never would’ve guessed it….I peeped the Crimson & Cream connection, but never would’ve connected the dots that you were a Southern Belle. Now that we know this you gotta start writing some posts about your days in school. I’m sure your “standing at the bus stop/sucking on a Lollipop/around the way girl” Philly style mixed with folks from the South provided some interesting stories to say the least….

    You come across as an avid reader…I think I’ll get you a couple books…

  5. dejean

    Good News … Good News… ummm…. I found this site called and it has all kinds of tv shows and movies!!!! It kinda kills some of the I cant afford cable right now blues…. ummm… Fiber One bars are my new addiction… 35% of daily fiber and they are delicious! side note…I cant figure why twitter wont hook up to my cell phone though.

  6. Cheers, My pics of my new emo hairstyle

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