Remember bandanas as a universal accessory?

I don’t know if this happened anywhere outside of my bamma ass town, but we put a lot of money on bandanas. Not that bandanas are expensive – you could get them for a dollar. We just bought a lot of them. See from about 1993 to ’95, nearly everyone I knew owned a cadre of bandanas in every color imaginable. They had multiple uses and HAD to coordinate just so with your outfit. Some examples of how they were used:

  • Tied around your head. This isn’t too hard to imagine as it’s a common way bandanas are worn. Think Tupac or Jennifer Lopez in her Diddy/Jenny from the Block phase.
  • Tied around your ponytail. This is when you use your bandana in the same sort of way you would use a scrunchy. Roll that thing up and twirl it around the base. This was a particularly bad look when your ponytail was barely existent in the first place and your hair is overwhelmed by printed fabric. Oh, you can totally mix the two: ponytail as headband and as scrunchy but I don’t recommend it.
  • As a pocket square. You MUST iron your bandana for this. Iron it and fold it in three sections then hang it out of your back or front pocket.
  • Tie it around your ankle (because clearly, at this time wearing one pant leg up was acceptable).

We were so jacked up and didn’t even know it. What are some of your old school fashion no-nos?

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One response to “Remember bandanas as a universal accessory?

  1. I seen cats rocking them under their watches back in like 98 or 99.
    Or around the toe of the boot if they rode a bike.

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