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Note to McCain: Grow up

Senator McCain might really be borderline senile. I mean, who knows? I don’t think we got those complete medical records of his. His family and campaign would hide that shit like Jimmy Hoffa’s body.

I say this because after watching the last two presidential debates, he has clearly lost his ever loving mind. John McCain has lost himself and no longer has a grasp on what is and isn’t appropriate. We saw him forget himself when he called Senator Obama “That One.” Tonight, he revealed his stupidity or immaturity with those horrible facial expressions. He was laughing, smiling, damn near rolling his eyes. YO! Ain’t shit funny Mr. McCain. Let’s talk issues. Let’s talk about the economy and healthcare. Why was McCain sitting over there pouting and pointing fingers? Is that what happens to the elderly? Do they regress to their childhood behavior? I don’t know about you, but I assume that someone who is always smiling like an idiot is retarded (no offense to the mentally challenged). Hmm, there might be something to that last theory. Did you hear how many times he flubbed his words? “A bresh of freth air”?????  Mmmkay.

Everyone who knows about public speaking or debate knows they need to respect whomever has the floor. Even when he was silent, McCain was showing disrespect in my opinion. Those facial ticks or whatever are tantamount to speaking out of turn or speaking over your opponent. You are conveying thoughts and ideas with your body language, Mr. McCain and it’s not fair to do that while Senator Obama is speaking.
Now, maybe that little smirk is some kind of trick to keep your dentures tightly adhered. I don’t know.

It all just seemed condescending to me and I am offended. He MUST be losing his mind. He’s been a Senator for years so I know he knows the protocol and what is expected of him. I guess he just doesn’t think Senator Obama is worthy of that general respect. I mean, even if you don’t respect the man, you gotta respect his position. He’s a Senator and the Democratic candidate for POTUS!

He need to get on that Obama healthcare plan and that stem cell research shit so we can figure out how to cure Alzheimer’s before that shit completely overtakes him. Hit up the dentist while you’re at it. All that smiling you did tonight put the spotlight on your teeth and um, I’m not impressed.


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Dear Aubrey,

You can keep on talking about how “real” you are and I could care less. Somehow, you think by saying you were keeping it real, you can make it out like Diddy was just afraid of your “realness”. Nah, that’s not it.

Damn shame what she did to that dog.

Keeping it real: Damn shame what she did to that dog.

In my opinion, Diddy was right on point. When you came into the group you were always a lil’ firecracker and I think that worked in your favor. It surely wasn’t because of your stellar vocals. We spent like 5 episodes straight one season dealing with your vocal limitations! You also can thank your looks for your spot in Danity Kane. We’re talking girl groups and there are no ugmos allowed. Lately, however, you’ve just gone too far and I don’t think that’s what Diddy wants. Be clear on this, what Diddy wants is all that matters. He probably has an ironclad contract on yall and even if you’re not in DK, I bet you’ll still be making HIS money. That’s neither here nor there, tho.

I mean, you’re always on the ‘net and on gossip TV running around all wild and shit. You and your roll dawg D. Woods (I never really liked that she didn’t just go by Wanita) were all cavorting and gallavanting with sailors and celebrities. Oh, and explain THIS shit:

How can you cry foul when Diddy says you’ve been too wrapped up in your own image? Side projects consisting of showing your ass? Now, of course lots of pop starlets are in magazines posing sexy and I’m sure many people will say those pics are hot. That’s cool if that’s what you’re into and that’s what the group is about. Unfortuntely for you, that’s NOT what DK is/was about. If Diddy wanted Lindsay Lohan, he’d have put a Lindsay Lohan in the group.

You’re screaming about keeping it real. Take notes from Chappelle on that one. Sometimes, keeping it real goes wrong. If Diddy doesn’t let you back in the group (cuz let’s face it: this could be a big publicity stunt), I sure hope there’s a demand for more pics of your ass and that you haven’t saturated the market already.

Very truly yours,
Renee Raddick, Esq.


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