Let me tell you what ELSE is good

Before, I told you that those yummy Betty Crocker Warm Delights were good.

I’ve found a new 150 calorie snack which serves to satisfy my sweet tooth and provides enough fiber to sustain me for quite some time. I LOVE Quaker’s Simple Harvest Granola Bars. That’s saying something because I don’t really care for most granola bars. Previously, I would ride for those Nature Valley Oat & Honey bars. Tasty, but always too crunchy. Not enough chewy. You can feel good about Quaker’s bars because they are made with whole grain oats, provide two grams of fiber and two grams of protein per serving, and contain all natural ingredients like whole wheat, oats, barley, fruits, and nuts.

I was in Pathmark and figured I’d try these Simple Harvest bars because, well they were on sale. Good enough for me! The only flavor left was the Chocolate Chunk. Eh, not my first choice but like I said, they were on sale and I needed a snack I could toss in my bag for when I have late classes. I tried one and MMmmmm! The dark chocolate is perfect because it satisfies the sweet tooth without going overboard. The bar is chewy but still maintains a crunch (not like wimpy cereal bars). I think Chocolate Chunk will remain my fave, but the bars also come in Honey Roasted Nut and Cinnamon Brown Sugar w/Apples & Cranberries. I’m tempted to try the latter since I don’t care for the nuts.

The Simple Harvest line also includes a hot cereal that I have yet to try. Want to try a FREE SAMPLE? Click here, try it out and then let me know what you think.


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2 responses to “Let me tell you what ELSE is good

  1. dejean

    Ummmm the oatmeal is not good at all (to me)… It was a little too natural. I swear you need to try the Fiber One bars… I almost lost it in Target when they didnt have any left on the shelf. Heads were going to roll until Gregory brought me some out from the back… Thanks again Greg!

  2. I’ve been eating the Fiber One pancakes. I swear they’ve got an added touch of sweetness (but not that yucky artificial sweetness taste).

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