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Chicken Stinks*

Been running around this week and didn’t write much here. I had a post I wanted to do, but it’s late and I didn’t get to it earlier when I wanted to. Why? I just spent my evening frying chicken. A boatload of chicken. A henhouse of chicken, I guess.
It was all for this food sale fundraiser that my student org has at school every year. It’s a big draw because, well who doesn’t like soul/caribbean/african food? It outsells all the other food sales, including the Asian and South Asian sales (which are pretty good). Only thing is, I smelled like chicken for a while until I got home, stripped and showered.

Discovering that frying chicken stinks isn’t really a new thing. The people downstairs fry chicken every other day and I can smell it wafting into the hallway. That’s probably half the reason the man downstairs had to get heart surgery and why his wife is husky as shit… all that damned fried food. When I was young, I don’t remember the apartment smelling that bad when my ma or grandma would fry chicken. Maybe it’s because that’s the general smell I was used to.

I fried all that chicken at a friend’s crib. Hope he opens a few windows. I haven’t fried any at home in like a year. I don’t plan on it either. I swear the blazer I had on smells like the Colonel rolled it in all 11 of his special herbs and spices.

I’ll just have to get to that post tomorrow and I’ll be sure to let you know how the sale (and the chicken) turned out.


*But it still tastes good tho!

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