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I need to put ads up on this blog

or SOMETHING. I need to start a side hustle ASAP.

Just got a letter from the Dean of Student Affairs at my law school telling all the students that because of the financial crisis ass-raping America, it’ll probably be easier to find Bin Laden than to get a Bar Loan in 2009. Thanks, USA.

Although it may seem early to be thinking about graduation in May, we have some important information to share with you that we strongly encourage you to think about NOW.  There are expenses associated with taking the bar exam, which include application fees, charges for bar review courses and, most importantly, living expenses for bar study time.  We strongly recommend that students not work during the time that they are studying for the bar exam.

Bar exam loans from private lenders have been an important resource for our graduates.  Due to the current crisis in the banking industry, some lenders have found it necessary to terminate the bar loan or place limits on the availability of the bar loan.   Although we continue to hope future news will be good, there is some real concern that more lenders will make cut-backs to their student loan programs which will further limit bar loan availability.

The Law School Financial Aid staff has posted important information about the current bar loan situation. If you will be graduating in 2009, I strongly encourage you to review this information and ACT NOW to plan to meet your expenses while studying for and taking the bar exam.

Oh boy. When this particular dean uses caps and the words “strongly encourage” more than once, it’s about to be a problem.
See, a Bar loan is pretty important. For a few months, you’re expected to study for the Bar exam. You have to take a review course which will cost over a thousand dollars. You have to live, because you can’t really work at all during the months before the exam. Of course you have to PAY to take the damned exam which can be more or less depending on in which state you choose to practice. If there was already concern around a Bar loan because of regular credit issues, finding a co-signer, etc., well today you’ll have even more trouble. Banks are holding on to their cash pretty tightly and some are canceling their Bar loans altogether!

So yeah, I’m going to need to start collecting $$ from yall. Trying to be a lawyer means I can’t do any morally questionable things to earn money between now and May so you’ll just have to do your part.

Ugh. I hate my life sometimes!


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