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Sorry, this racquetball court is occupied

it’s currently being used to film a remake of Beyonce’s new video, “Single Ladies.” Thanks for understanding. Come back tomorrow.

The chubby “beyonce” in the middle needs to do better. The tall boys on the ends shoulda recruited the tangy white dude dancing in his closet.


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I know he’s a felon*, but so cute!

Look. I’m pretty much grown out of age where I dated “bad boys.” Actually, I didn’t really go through a bad boy phase. I just dated one guy who happened to sell drugs and went to jail. No biggie! The point I’m trying to get to is that T.I. is hella cute and his criminal record has no bearing on that whatsoever.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Maybe it’s just because he’s kuntry as all get out. I think back to the guys I dated while living in North Carolina for 6 years and sometimes moving back down there doesn’t seem like such a bad idea! I used to tease my ex Marcus about his Southern accent but in retrospect I loved it. To this day I try to get my NY girls to take trips with me down south so they can soak up all that honey-twanged goodness! LOL

Anyway, I like T.I. on Chelsea Handler’s show (she’s friggin’ hilarious, by the way). He was a good sport when it came to personal issues and he had a great sense of humor. Chelsea was dead on though – that smile and those teeth = beautiful!

*By the way, felons can still vote. T.I. voted already since Georgia’s an early voting state. Cute and politically conscious!


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