It’s my birthday.

27 years ago today my momma pushed me out. I was a total accident, but yall can thank my parents for being young, horny and irresponsible. Oh, and attractive.

Today is also my auntie Lori’s birthday (11.1.60-something); My sister Vanessa’s birthday (11.1.90) and my sister Charisma’s birthday (11.1.99).

Oh and then there are the three people I went to college with (Barry, Lauren and Sarai). And can’t forget the Cabbage Patch doll I got one year. In case you didn’t know, Cabbage Patch dolls come with birth certificates that you can’t see until you open the box. Mine happened to be “born” on 11/1. Crazy, right?


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8 responses to “11.1.81

  1. dejean




  2. Man… That’s gotta be more than coincidence. LOL

  3. Happy Birthday luv….still gotta hit that registry link up for you….

  4. Rena

    Happy Birthday!!!

    My b-day is 11/13 I’m a oops baby too :)

  5. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great one! :]

  6. polobear

    Wow! Four family members on the same day? That is amazing.

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