360 Waves

I might be in the minority of women when I say this, but I do not think 360 waves on men is cute. I say minority because I imagine someone must like it or else dudes wouldn’t put so much effort into doing it. Unless they do it for each other and not for us, which would be pretty ghey, right? For the uninitiated, here are some examples of 360 waves:

The name obvy comes from the fact that the waves are continuous around the head. Using a brush, some type of pomade and a stocking cap/doo rag, dudes are “spinning” with these pronounced waves in their head. Now, I can appreciate a nice haircut. I think taking care of your hair as a man is important. I’m not even hating on waves altogether. It’s just those EXTRA ass waves that get me. How much time are dudes putting into that? How much vanity is involved? I’ll tell you, so much so that they have a whole message board and books devoted to this mess! Wild, right? I can’t take them seriously and have never dated a guy who rocked that look. The whole thing makes me seasick! LOL

Peep this “tutorial” then save a youth:


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12 responses to “360 Waves

  1. Wow. I am blown away. I didn’t even KNOW they had tuts for getting waves….just goes to show: U DO learn something new everyday. LOL!!!

    I wonder if anyone would get mad if I made a tut on how to maintain the bald style?

  2. Rachel

    I love how he shows the camera his waves and then he’s like “Don’t Hate!” Knee-grow Puh-lease!!

  3. polobear

    I did not know 360 waves or waves in general were still popular. I can’t front though, I rocked waves when I was in High School. It was one of the popular hairstyles during the 80’s and the 90’s, in NYC . I could never acheive 360 however, my hair was just too coarse :(. The fact that women don’t like them is news to me. I knew girls who specifically sought out dudes wit da 360.

  4. polobear

    Dude! How did you even find this site?

  5. OMG! I thought I was the only one! My younger cousins are obsessed with 360 waves. When I found out this site existed, I was stunned and not too mention unable to control my laughter.

  6. GG

    Gaaaa-rosss! I hope no grown men are doing this ish, cuz it looks greazzzzy and juvenile…I hate men who take longer to get ready than I do, lol.

  7. That’s just way too much hair care. Another excuse for pretty boys to carry a brush. Most men are too busy to brush their hair 7000 times a day. I’ll pass.

  8. steven

    yo In 99, when i first started at WSSU dudes were really into this, but between 00 and 02, cornrows took over. I just found it funny when dudes had 360 waves but were in severe need of a shape up.

  9. LisaAngelaPamelaRenee

    Hopefully, with AI cutting his braids off, cornrows will die as well. Then again, I’m afraid of what will take over their spot.

  10. What?

    Let’s look at it from all angles
    1. Waves are curls(naps) that are trained.
    2 yeh the grease is nasty .
    3.grooming is good , a man wit a nappy ass head
    And a nappy chin and nappy chest ain’t cute.
    4. Neither is the 30 yr old/old guy going bald(receding) wit the long
    Gray braids in tha back.
    5. And I hate seeing the church deacon with the high ass fade on the sides and back with the low cut on top!

  11. What?

    And when is weave gon DIE out ? Jesus the jehri aint last this long. Weave in my draws ,weave on the soap weave on my face, who invinted that shit anyway? My gawd! And my girl hair is down her back and she still gets it .

  12. Troy

    Coming from a person who has waves, I dunno how women can criticize with all the time, money, and effort you put into your hair. I’m not criticizing you because you’re just giving your honest opinion and I can respect that. I myself put some effort into my hair but I don’t go overboard with the time I put into it I just like for it to look good for the ladies who like it and for the dudes who wanna hate on it. And the message boards are for the dudes and females who want to get waves so people who have them lend their advice.